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Full Version: In Correct Park Listing
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Jerry S
I noticed a review for a park in my area (northern IL) today and decided to check it out. It was for Diamond Caverns Resort and Golf Club listed under Woodstock, IL. As I read the review, I was surprised to see references to Mammoth Cave. Several other reviews mentioned how close the park is to Mammoth Cave. Checking the park website indicated that the RV park is in Park City, KY near Mammoth Cave National Park This park has quite a few reviews so I am surprised that this error has not been noticed previously.

I just noticed that the title of this post incorrectly has "in Correct" instead of Incorrect. Sorry, I'm using a mini-notebook and the screen is harder to read and easier to make mistakes on.
Hi Jerry:

You're definitely correct and I have no idea how it came to be this way. I can't imagine that people wouldn't have noticed that the park they stayed at wasn't in the correct state, but who knows? Anyway, fixing it will require someone with greater "web powers" than I possess. But thanks for letting us know. We'll get it fixed in short order.

Jerry S
Thanks. As of this morning, it seems to have already been corrected.
We may not always be good, but we're fast! biggrin.gif
Jerry S
I can't resist adding this reply to Texasrvers comment:: "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!"

Courtesy of Michael from The Office TV show.
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