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Travelin Rose
We are fulltimers traveling in our 39 ft. motorhome. We stay at about 35 RV Parks per year, sometimes as long as two months, other times one or two weeks and sometimes overnight. We write reviews about the parks we visit. RV Park Reviews has been very good at guiding us to parks that meet our requirements and steering us away from the ones that do not.
Helpful comments would include:

Is the park big rig friendly?

Are the roads wide, narrow, tight, paved, gravel, dirt, dusty, low hanging tree branches?

Are the sites level, unlevel, large, small, wide, narrow, long, short, paved, gravel, grass, dirt?

Is the park generally well maintained and clean?

Is there a large percentage of permanent residents? (trailer park)

We appreciate the RV Park Reviews and use them often.
John Blue
Travelin Rose,

We also travel by mootrhome and write up information on all parks that we spend time in. I write up any items that would be a problem and if park has no hard problems then I write up information that we would like to see in comments. Big rig is under the 40 feet check box Roads, if we can drive around in park then other people can also. We look for poor roads and pot holes, dirt, dusty, and the low hanging trees. If site is close to level it is OK, some sites are long and some are short in the same park, little help here. We always note if park is clean or not. If we see a lot of permanent people we note it also. Any information is better than no information.

Now do you also sent in information so other RV people can read about place you travel to? Your input would be great and help a lot of people pick good parks.

Hope this will help!
Travelin Rose
This is a reply to John Blues comment about more information. I probably have more information than most people want to read.
We are full time RVers, but do not travel as much as we would like to due to health limitations. We generally follow the weather. Fulltiming is a lifestyle, not a vacation. We are spending Jan. & Feb. in Yuma AZ. There has been a lot of rain and the desert is green. There are more wildflowers than there have been in several years, beautiful. We enjoy seeing all the fields of produce & watching it being harvested.
We have made a few trips to Alcodones Mexico. We were in Quartzsite in Jan. for an RV Rally & the RV Show.
When we leave Yuma in March, we will go the Hi-Jolly BLM in Quartzsite for a few days, then to Lake Havasu City. We will stay at the Craggy Wash BLM which is north of the airport overlooking the lake. Craggy Wash is a pretty place where you can drive your SUV back in to the canyon. Parking the motorhome is a challenge. We park as near to the entry as possible. It is very rocky & hard to get level. We are going to the China Buffet & hope that it is as good as it was last year.
From there we will go to Laughlin, Las Vegas & Pahrump.
As the weather warms up, we will go to Northern California, Oregon & Washington. It has been a few years since we have been there. I have read the reviews for rv parks in these areas. If anyone knows of parks or places we really should go to, please let me know.
We spent the summer of 2004 in Colorado,
summer of 2003 in Michigan, Wisconsin & Minnestoa
summer of 2002 in New England States, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward
Island & New Brunswick
If anyone would like to hear about these trips, let me know.
Travelin Rose
John Blue
Travelin Rose,

Boy you get around. I hope we can travel to all the nice places you have been.

I see you have only been a member a short time. Now, do you plan to sent in information on parks as you visit them as we do? Your input would help a lot of people find a good park. You cover a lot of campgrounds. The more input we have the better.
Travelin Rose
I really have no idea how many rv parks we have stayed at in the past 8 years. I have a journal & should try to count them. I have been writing reviews for the parks we have stayed at in the past 18 months. Parks we stayed at before that may have changed, so my reviews would not be up to date.
For a start, I will tell you the ones that come to mind that we would not return to.

Sterling Crest at Texarkana AR - Read my review.

Meadowlark Campground at Middleton RI - Unlevel, front tires were off the ground and we still could not get level.

Black Bear Campground at Salisbury MA - Expensive, 90 degrees, paid extra for 50 AMP, voltage so low we could not use the A/C. If this park has improved the electricity, it would be ok, still expensive tho.

Cedar Haven Campground at Freeport ME - 90 degrees, voltage so low we could not use the A/C, complained, were told to use our generator which we did.

I will check my journal and if I find other parks, both good & bad, I will post info about them here.
When we leave Yuma, I probably will not have regular access to the internet until we get to Las Vegas.

Travelin Rose
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