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Full Version: Avoid New Jersey I95 Tollroad
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Toby's dad
We were northbound on I95. We were halted in traffic for about 4 hours approaching the George Washington Bridge. While stopped for traffic ahead of us the lane to the right began to move, A car drove into the side of our motor home blocking the exit door. It took at least an hour for police to arrive. The police officer refused to give us the other driver's identification. He said we may call and get the police report for $25. Toll at the bridge was $68 for motorhome and car. We spent more than $100 on the toll road. When we got within view of the toll booths traffic was even more insane. Cars and trucks were driving perpendicular to the traffic lanes to get to their desired booth. A semi crossing in front of me from right to left missed my right rear view mirror by only 2 inches. mad.gif mad.gif
I'm sorry you had such a bad trip but, IMHO your first mistake was not having done your homework and learned that no one with any East Coast experience would take a MH on the roads where you were. I won't even drive my car on the George Washington Bridge if I can avoid it. For more than 40 years on trips that take me north of NYC I have crossed the Hudson on the Tappen Zee Bridge. This year we stayed even further north and crossed the river closer to Albany. By doing so not only do you reduce traffic stresses you also reduce tolls. We paid ~$20 total for all tolls through PA/NY/MA/ME on this last trip.
We travel to NY & NJ every summer to visit friends and family. We run I-95....cross all the major bridges and tunnels......include running on the LIE. What we do when we are in city schedule our travel days for SUNDAY's only. Growing up in NYC you learn when to be on the roads and when not to. Mondays...Fridays and holidays are a no-no as are rush hours.

One thing I don't understand in your post ...... you said ...." It took at least an hour for police to arrive. The police officer refused to give us the other driver's identification "

So.....for 1 hour you didn't exchange info with each just sat there and waited for the police to arrive ??? You expected the police to do it for you ???

Driving in the NY Metro area is not for the faint hearted. I live here and am often amused by the route the GPS or mapquest suggests I take as there are so many more variables than "chatterbox" can imagine (Chatterbox is our GPS's nickname because we often ignore the directions it is giving due to our better knowledge of the suggested route.)

The roads around here are terrible. The tolls are high.

An alternate to the New Jersey Turnpike (I-95) is route 1. It can be worth it to avoid the tolls but does have traffic lights and congestion. However NJTP and I-95 are often parking lots....
John S.
I avoid that area at all costs. I run I 81 up to NY that way. I have been forced to go to the city and will not go across the GW bridge again in the coach. Just no reason to go there and deal with it. I can say that as I am sitting in upstate NY on a canal and river.
Sorry to hear about your accident and stressful drive. Perhaps your insurance company can deal with the police report and everything else, so you don't have to?

We did that same drive two weeks ago (July 10, 2014) AFTER doing lots of research on the best way to get to Long Island in our motorhome. No accident, but the $68 bridge toll shocked us (and the NJ Tpk toll). At least it's a one-way toll... i.e. free when you return westbound. It's not a trip we'll likely do ever again, but we wanted to visit family on Long Island.

Good luck with your repairs. Take a deep breath and keep in mind that no one was hurt.
We will be headed for eastern Long Island on Aug. 31 from Maine....taking I-95 down and over the Throgs Neck Bridge onto the Clearview Exp. to the LIE east. We will be leaving the area on Sept. 28th and hope we can get in and out without any issues. We have been very lucky the past few years.
TobysDad, sorry to hear about you experience, but... not really surprising for the route and time of day. I95 has become a parking lot from about mid-New Jersey, through New York, through Connecticut, Rhode Island, Boston... well, all the way up to the Maine border until you get past LL Bean (lol).

Yes, definitely look into taking the Tappanzee Bridge / I287 if possible on future trips. I95 and the George Washington Bridge should only be attempted (in campers, at least) at odd hours on odd days... but that is still no gaurantee. We just drove through there last weekend, leaving CT at 4am and expecting to cross the GW Bridge by 6am on a Saturday morning. And... we ran right into bridge construction. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do.

Oh, and the big vehicle consideration / politeness we sometimes get with our campers (to help with changing lanes, etc)? It does NOT exist in the New York City area. The truckers are just trying to get through there as quickly as possible, and city driving is the rule. If you back off to let a truck change lanes, that truck, another truck, and probably 3 cars will take advantage before you can do anything.

Ask in these forums for route advice, and also try Open Roads forum for route advice and road condition updates.
QUOTE(Tom @ Aug 8 2014, 11:25 AM) *

Oh, and the big vehicle consideration / politeness we sometimes get with our campers (to help with changing lanes, etc)? It does NOT exist in the New York City area.

I much prefer driving south of Virginia. At least down South, people know better than to pull out in front of a Truck & Trailer on the highway and do 35, then wonder why you're 6" off their bumper. You can't stop 20k lbs on a dime, dummy. Wait the extra 30 seconds and pull out behind me, go as lsow as you want.

I live in NJ and getting to South Carolina costs mbe about $60 in tolls, oddly, the last toll I hit is in Maryland... NJ, DE, MD all take their pound of flesh, VA, NC, SC leave me alone.
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