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Although Trailer Life and Woodalls are generally referenced in any discussion of campground guidebooks -- and are often found to be inadequate -- we have found that "Frommer's Best RV & Tent Campgrounds in the USA" is a magnificent and vastly superior resource. It is truly independent (accepts no ads) and includes extensive narrative descriptions of the campgrounds; a multi-factorial rating system with separate evaluations of such factors as beauty, cleanliness, facilities, activities, security, and site spaciousness; driving directions, maps and more. Although occasionally they get it wrong (a high rating for the insufferable Buena Vista Campground in Buena, NJ is one example), we have found no better resource for the family camping enthusiast (other than this site [], of course!).

Thank you for the recommendation! Like Kimo said in an earlier post, I've about worn out my Woodalls and Trailer Life by using them as levelers under the wheels on difficult sites, about the only purpose for which they're useful. We like to use books (such as Frommer's, hopefully) to identify basics of a location, and then we use this site and the comments of users to actually pick places to stay. Thanks again. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Thanks for the heads up Larry. I have yet to buy my trailer life and woodalls
leveling jacks.LOL As for chosing the locations I end up camping in, my wife and I
take turns throwing a dart at the map. We have a 50/50 shot at picking a winner.
Are failures include tryng to camp in Indianapolis on a race weekend and going to Mertle Beach on memorial day weekend ( that is also bikeweek) and we were stuck driving a car. Are the Frommer's guides sold at camping stores? I am waiting
for the travel channal to review rv parks. I would watch it just to get a visual perspective of the grounds.
The Frommer's Guide is available at bookstores and through the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.
I'll have to check it out those web sites. I have found that with alittle research you can save some time, trouble and $$. thanks for the heads up.
If you camp in Alabama and/or Georgia there is a good guide from Foghorn Outdoors. It gives detailed info and in some cases lets you know if you need to avoid them. The only beef is they are not consistant in reporting bad CG's. If you read between the lines you can figure it out though.

The title is Georgia & Alabama Camping
ISBN: 1-56691-284-9
1st edition June 2002
Cost $17.95 at Book a Million
Thanks for the information. We also find the normal sources useless.
Thanks for the info on Frommer's Guide. We have been tent then popup and not TT camping for 30 years and am really disappointed with the accuracy of the information in tldirectory - although Woodalls is somewhat better. So far this place has been right on the money.
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