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Full Version: Hershey High Meadow Campground
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We're planning a vacation to Hershey wanted wanted to get some comments about their campground. Anyone been there and how do they rate?
I am from the Hershey Area. I was not impressed with Hershey Highmeadow. I felt that it was TOO crouded and a train comes through often and is very loud. I really prefer the Hershey/Elizabethtown KOA. It's a little further away (about a 15 minute drive) but I think it's a much nicer campground.
We stayed at High meadow and true there is a train on one side of the park,but if you book one of their pull thru sites you will not know the train exists. It is a busy park by the pool area but we found that it was very
quiet and peaceful where we were. there is a free shuttle bus to hershey park which runs frequently. We will certainly return for another visit.
I visited Hershey this year and stayed at the KOA and thought it was fine.. High Meadows was to costly. Chances are your only going to be at the campground at night because you'll be a tourist all day..
Have stay at HIgh Meadow's numerous of times over the years. Get a site
on the right as you go in to the park and the train is no bother.. it's location is very convient and the bus is also two is in a good location for visiting.. The park has a twilight ticket, you enter the night before for free
if you purchase a ticket for the next day. It;s a good deal.
QUOTE(Guest_Melissa @ Jul 22 2003, 09:42 AM)
We're planning a vacation to Hershey wanted wanted to get some comments about their campground.  Anyone been there and how do they rate?

wink.gif It was nice, but the only thing was that there was a freight train all day and night. The camp ground was nice, with a pool and a creek that the kids really injoyed. Will be goi9ng back soon.
We stayed there last year......
It isn't a bad campground. We had a site on the right as you enter the park, so the train wasn't a bother for us, but the sites are very small and close together. We have a slide out and I could practically touch my neighbors camper if I stuck my hand out the window! Having the shuttle to Hershey is great though and it does run very frequently.

I guess it's all about what is important to you and how much time you plan on spending at the campground.
wink.gif We camped there about 3 years ago. While it was nice during the day, we found the trains a big problem! Every 15 minutes Hooooooorns and rumbling from 11pm until 7am+/-. At the time we were tenting, so that made it a little worse. They also had busses of inner-city kids there. There was a problem where a bunch of tents and pop-ups were knifed and ransacked during the day while most people were at Hershey. Our neighbor had to leave because their child with diabetes had the syringes stolen.

We would choose the location 15 minutes away.
Hi, If you are camping at Hershey Highmeadow Campground just to go to Hershey...I would say fine, because you will not be at the campground...but if you are planning a Pennsylvania trip and want to enjoy the campground..find another place to stay. We stayed last year at a full hookup site and it had been very rainy that spring so the smell of the sewer was very strong! Lots of gnats too! The sites are VERY close! Glad we did not have to cook out there. We ate dinner at the Hershey Park - which by the way is AWESOME! But we were very disappointed in the campground..but the free shuttle was nice!
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