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Full Version: Betty's RV Park Abbeville, LA
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I understand that we are on the honor system here but if you check the latest review of Betty's RV Park in Abbeville, LA, it's very obvious this review was written by someone at the park. Yesterday a review of the park rated it a 1 and today a new review rates it a 10 with a commentary that reads like an advertisement, which I guess it is. I for one would not stay at this park just for the fact of this blatent disregard of the rules of this forum.

I have never visited Betty's RV Park but I plan to do so based on all the wonderful comments I have heard about this park. If you will read the reviews of this park on this site, you will notice that a total of 13 people have stayed there and reviewed the park. Of these 13 people, 8 gave it a 10 ranking, two gave it a 9 ranking, and one person each gave it a 7, a 4, and a 1 respectively. With this type of overwhelming approval of a park, I tend to disregard one or two people who maybe were ticked off about something while they were there and trashed the park on this site. As the people who run this site tell us, you have to look at the preponderance of the remarks, not just one or two remarks. Skip it if you like, but I believe you are missing out. And I've never been there. biggrin.gif
Motorhome Madness
I also thought this was a little odd, seeing this review right after the bad review. I carefully investigated and found that the review looks legitimate. I can't go into detail on the things I check, but I will say that it would be difficult to get around them.
John Blue

We have been to Betty's a number of times in the past couple years. The person who wrote up the (1) did not spend one night in park as best that I can tell. I will not go into any detail on what happen here. Betty has that information.

Betty is a great person who has a small park in rear of her home. She has won best small park in USA and was in top 25 best parts in USA. You do not get to this level with a lot of bad rating.

Her park is small at 12 sites, couple sites do not have sewer hookups, no tables at site, no fire rings, no bathhouse, no pool. You do not need any of this stuff. Betty has the tables under her back porch. Each day at 4:00 pm all people in park meet with Betty and have a great time. She is a great Cajun person and will go out of her way to see that you have a great time.

In our past trips she run our wheels off to get around to all the nice places in south LA. We had live Cajun bands to stop in park to play, cook outs, more Cajun food that you could eat, then she had field trips, dinners out, the local Sheriff and State Senator come by to talk and say hello to everyone in park, trip to large lake to pick up some crabs, day trip to a lake side home, trip to local museum in Erath, trip to Gulf coast to see a large state park. This all happen over five days we were in park. At same time town had a 5016 egg cooking on steet , dancing in streets, free to all.

You can see Betty takes very good care of her RV people. Betty at one time had an RV. If you are looking for a large RV Resort and do not like small parks or do not like to have fun, or be around people then this is the wrong park for you.

Everyone goes for a week and stays a month or more. She has a full house most of the time. I hate to see someone like this one person cut her down.

I do not work for Betty. She is a great friend to all RV people!
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