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Full Version: Information for a new RVer from England
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My wife and 4 children aged from 8 to 16 thought it would be really nice to hire a motorhome and travel around California. We found this site which is really useful, but having read some of the site reviews wonder if we are making a big mistake viisting in this way. We will have no other form of transport but the rv which I guess will be about 31-34 feet and we want to see as much as possible. We would fly into LA do a couple of parks like Disney and Universal then set off north to San Fransico, across to the Napa vally for the wine up to Yosemite and maybe back down to LA. We would intend to stay in one place for only a couple of nights before moving on. We would have to use the rv as transport during the day.

Is this feasable and has anyone any tips for us?

With a small motorhome, you can go see quite a bit in the motorhome. The downside is having to hookup each night when you get back to the campground, but it sounds like you'll have lots of helpers! You might want to try to find campgrounds that have tours of things you want to see. In many cases these tours will pick you up at the campground. Tours like this are normally limited to high tourist / metro areas. NYC, Niagra Falls, etc... I haven't been RV'ing in California yet, so I don't know what's out there!

GO FOR IT, you only live once and the kids will remember it forever!
How much trouble are you going to have driving on the opposite side of the road?
That would be my problem, especially in a big city.
If it won't be a problem, go for it. You'll really enjoy it. Check out this RV web site also and ask your question.
You shouldn't have too many problems at that size. Most attractions have RV parking, including Disneyland. Driving around San Francisco may be challenging but remember your size & turning radius & you'll be fine. There are a couple of towns along the CA coast that won't allow RV's on their streets but I can remember which ones. Hopefully there will be signs posted. Napa and Yosemite will be a snap. Yosemite will be busy this time of year but the camping there is great.

And like another posted, you can often get shuttles at many campgrounds to area attractions or you can rent a car if it's in the budget.

Safe travels and enjoy the trip!
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