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Full Version: Does Anyone Know What Happened......
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BBear a campground that used to exist in Duck, NC in the Outer Banks called Ocean Beach Resort? We camped there in the late '80's and absolutely loved it and this Summer we were planning a return visit to the Outer Banks and wanted to stay there once again and I tried and tried to get info on the campground and it's like it never existed. The two people I talked to at the OB Visitor's Center never even heard of it, but then again they said both have only been working at the visitor center for a short period of time and only know of current accommodations in the area.

I just can't believe such a beautiful resort would fall along the wayside. I would be interested to hear from anyone that would have any information as to what happened to the place, thanks in advance! smile.gif
Could it possibly have changed names or been moved closer to another town.
We too like the Outer Banks area. We prefer Nags Head even though we have not camped there. We stay at a ocean front hotel suite. We too haven't been there since late 80's, but at that time all the towns seemed to be merging as they continually grew larger. We first went there in early 80's and it was a ghost town. Not one name brand restaurant. Later when we went, we couldn't believe how modernized they had become. I did a search on Woodall's and it didn't list anything in Duck. You might want to try the Commerce Dept. Good luck!
Thank you for your reply. Apparently it hasn't changed names or moved. According to the Visitor's Center there is no campground in the Duck area to speak about and only one or two other campgrounds that are north of Hatteras Island, so it didn't change hands or anything. The Commerce Dept. is a great idea and I will give that a try. Thanks again!
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