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Full Version: Knoebels Grove CG, PA
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I am thinking of going camping with my 10 year old son to Knoebels Grove CG in PA this summer. I thought that since it is just the 2 of us, it would be a good CG to keep him entertained for the weekend. I don't know much about this place. Is the CG nice? How is the amusement park? Is it worth camping right next to the park so that you can go in and out throughout the day? What are your experiences?

Thanks for your help


I actually live about 1 hour away from Knoebels. The amusement park is nice because there is NO admission to get in, however on the weekends now that summers here (we think -- lol) you will have to get tickets, there are NO hamdstamps. For smaller children I guess this woudl work but my 2 dd are 11 and 16 and we can blow a $5 book of tickets on 2 roller coaster rides...and the bigger rides like that. We do go for the food. We just limit the amount of $ we take for rides and when its gone, its gone. Its rated high for the park food. My dh loves the funnel cake smile.gif

As far as camping...there are no sewer hookups altho my dh said he thinks there may be a few, I dont. When we stayed there the sites were small, and I got a shower there in which the water was cold. You had to get a shower first thing or real late to get warm water. If the has been remedied now, that I dont know. We felt crammed on the sites. They have since added a new section but I wasnt impressed with that either.

For the convenience its are right there! You can walk to your site after a day at the park. They have a large pool (outside the campground) with water slides and stuff that you pay for if you want. The campground does have a small pool but this pool I mentioned is huge. You may have a hard time getting ressies at this stage but its worth the shot. They are always filled up, and I think its due to the location of the campground/park. Its very convenient for families especially w small children.

Like I said--we loved the convenience but we didnt like anything else about it. You can email me at if you have specific ?'s.

Hope that helped.....Oh, we camped in a pop up. They have a web site for the campground, did you visit that to take a peek. Altho I have found out many times....web sites and pictures can be deceiving smile.gif

Stacy in PA
Thanks very much Stacy for the great info! We were not able to get when we called. They are booked solid all summer.

I did look at the website. Looks like a good place for my 10 yr old. Maybe next year.

Thanks again.

Ken I have to agree with Stacy on the prices of the park. It's been going up pretty steady over the last couple years since it's been rumored Hershey has a large portion of ownership if not all it these days. I simply refuse to go on the weekends because of the cost. If you can get in next year during the week, that's the best time to go. We love it for day trips. I haven't spent any camping trips up there since I was little, but I do believe it's still no sewer hook ups as well. Just the dump station on the way out.

Stacy, are you an hour north south east west?? LOL I'm down in the Pottsville area.
c beasts
The campground is next to the park. Most experiences have been good, but encountered very bad customer service this past summer. Was forced to move, without notice, to a new site, when it was discovered that the site was double-booked.
I've never been to the Knoebels Grove CG, but the park is definitly a great place to go. It can be expensive, but not as much as other places that are similar. The food is very good and lots of choices.
I refuse to pay those CG prices for no sewer and little amenities. I found a CG less than 20 miles from Knoebels that for the same price has lots of childrens activities, full hookups, cable and free wifi. It's in Northumberland, PA, Splash Magic. If you get the internet special, you also get activity passes for their bumber boats, bikes and others.
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