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Full Version: Rv refrigerator
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I can't find any way to adjust the temperature setting on my refrigerature/freezer. My manual says the temperature is set at the factory. Is there any way to adjust it? It's not near cool enough for my taste biggrin.gif
You might try some of the other RV websites as this forum is for campground info only and I don't know if you knew that? wink.gif Here is a link to one where you will probably get an answer -
What Brand of Refrigerature is it?

Jerry cool.gif
Its probably a Dometic, ours in our RV is just like that. It didn't do well in Phoenix and we had to have a fan installed in the back to help cool it down a bit more.

Our last rig had a Norcold which is the refridgerator I would prefer as you can adjust it.
If it's a Dometic refer there is an adjustment:
Look on the cooling fins inside the refer at the right side. You'll see a white plastic piece with a tin tube/wire coming out of it that can be slid up & down.
Slide it down for a colder temp setting and up for warmer.
MOVE it 1/4 to 1/2 inch and wait and hour or 2 to allow it time to stablize before you decide that you need to move it more.

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