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Just a word of advice to new travelers. I am a seasoned traveler and I learned a very expensive lesson on my very first trip ever. We paid for a campsite for a week. When we arrived I paid the full amount, not really knowing what I was doing. It took only 2 day's to realize that we were in a place we really didn't want to stay. For many reason's that I won't go into. Suffice it to say that we could not get a refund for the rest of the week that we paid for. I lost $70 on that one. I never book any place for more than one night. If I like it, then and only then will I pay for more. Most places will not give you a refund. Keep that in mind. It is also very seldom that we make a reservation. If you do (make a reservation) then you're on a schedule. Should you see something along the way and would like to spend time there, too bad, you must keep going. When we go on trips, we just roll along and at about 3 or 4 o'clock, we start looking for a place to stay. Don't worry if they're full, just go to another. We have never had a problem finding a campground. I'm sure I will get flamed by someone on this forum, but that's the way I feel and I'm sticking to my story. blink.gif
While I agree, mostly, about making reservations, I just want to point out that there are exceptions to this. If you will be going to a highly popular destination during their peak season, then a reservation is a must. For example - in the summer - any and all campgrounds in Myrtle Beach, Cedar Point's campground, I'm sure there are others. There are more and more campers out there and places are starting to fill.
I failed to mention, we have a 17' Casita. Even when park's are full, most places will still let us park next to the fence or in their primitive area. Our trailer is very small. We don't really need hook-ups. It seem's there's alway's room for a Casita no matter where we go. rolleyes.gif
John Blue

We do the same thing all the time and only couple times did we need to dry camp on the grounds to the next day to get a site. You are correct, no way to know what you will find at some of the places we travel to. As we say, you can stay anyplace one night. If we are that un-happy with a site the Flying-J will work to we can find a place that we like. We travel most of the time in spring and fall and stay here in FL in summer months. FL has tons of open sites from spring to late fall. We use this site to plan our campgrounds but at times no one has wrote up campground so you do not know what you will find at a new site. Most are good to OK but some are very poor and should be closed down.
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