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Full Version: Bass Harbor Campground Maine
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I did not see any reviews on this campground and was wondering if anyone can give me some information on this campground. I will be going there in July this year.
I am familiar with this campground. I have stayed there many times in the many years of camping. My most recent trip was 2 years ago, so perhaps they have changed somewhat, but I doubt it much. They have through the years added some additional tenting sites across the road from the main camp, which can be hard to cross at times. Also added camping cabins for the not so rugged. It is a nice camp, they have sunny and shade sites. It is in need of some upgrades, such as the utilities, but is functional. If you have a very big rig, I would call ahead and tell them that. They tend to sqeeze them in and sometimes you find that your big rig doesn't really fit. When we went, the pool was green and they kept telling us that we could swim, though they couldn't seem to clear it up in a week. Never did get to swim. The rec center needs some updating as well, though they have a small library with some great books to borrow. The location is fabulous, you can walk /bike down to the Bass Harbor light house. I suggest an early morning visit, watching the sun come over the water. Great restaurants close by. Restrooms need to be cleaned a bit more, showers are not luxury but get the job done. Laundry is slow but functional. ( I remember it being pricey too, bring lots of quarters) The family that runs it now seems to be trying to keep it going and are very friendly. Hope this helps!!
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