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Full Version: Camping Near Cedar Point in Ohio
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We're planning a trip to Cedar Point in Ohio. I've found 3 campgrounds in our price range but now can't decide between them. It's between East Harbor SP, Tall Timbers campground, and Kamp Kozy. Tall Timbers and Kamp Kozy are owned by the same people. They all cost about the same. TT and KK have water and electric on site where East Harbor only has electric. TT is bigger and has more amenities (including WiFi and laundry--2 pluses), KK seems like it would be a lot quieter.

Please help if you know anything about any of these campgrounds!

East Harbor is great. It's right on the lake with a large beach nearby. I'd go there - given the options for that area. Electric only is really not a big deal since they do have a dumpstation.
we stayed at crystal rock campground last year and was happy with it. See It isn't real fancy but was clean, the pool was refreshing and was nice and quiet though a country road runs by it. Not sure what you're camping in but to the left of the camp store is more of the RV part and is a smalller area. I think that is the only area with full hook ups. That is where we stayed. There is a rather large area to the right which had lots of tents etc. THis area was more crowded, but not on top of each other. There wasn't alot to do there but we were not there very much. So much to do in the area. We went to Put-in-Bay one day, Soak City one day and to the SP one day. Great location as it was out aways to not have to be in all that craziness, but close enough. By the way, if you stay here you have to try the ice cream place (sorry, can't remember the name sad.gif ) but it is on the way in to Sandusky and it is a place where they make it and have a little store front too. Really good! biggrin.gif Would definately stay here again> We walked through East Harbor but didn't stay there. It was nice too. Sorry, the other 2 I can't help you with.
Camping Bug,

How far (driving time) is Crystal Rock from Cedar Point? If it's clean, that's all that matters to us. We'll be in the CP area for 4 nights, then are coming back east. We've had to change our itinerary and won't be going to King's Island this trip, so we're looking for somewhere to the east of Sandusky, rather than the west. Going to Port Clinton will add almost an hour of additional driving time. We have a CG picked out there if we don't find something closer to CP, though.

Thanks for any help!
Has anyone camped at Cedar Point . I did see some reviews on the site for Campers Village at Cedar Point and they were helpful but we were thinking of going next summer and was wondering if it were more of a weekend trip or would a week be to long of a stay. Also does anyone know of any other amusement parks with campgrounds that would not be to far out of the way coming from southwest Virginia to Cedar Point.
Re other amusement parks with camping. Check the Kings Dominion near Richmond, VA. I believe they may have camping or at least allow RVs to overnight.

Busch Gardens at Williamsburg probably has camping nearby.

We have always stayed at the state park at Cedar Point, although we were tent campers then. Having just electricity would not be a problem for us -- my primary concern is being able to run the AC if needed.

If Cedar Point has a campground, I suspect the sites would be very expensive.
Camper Village at Cedar Point is expensive but so convenient. Thats the only reason we stay every year. The new full hook-up sites are great but we stay in the electric only sites to save money. If you read the reviews you'll find that most people really like the campground. I personally wouldn't stay there a whole week just because of the cost, but if you don't care about that you won't be disappointed.
We stayed at Cedar Point, Camper Village in the newer section with full hook ups. we stayed 3 nights at the first of June. It is expensive $66 a night with full hookups, but worth it for the convenience. Cedar Point is pretty isolated from the town of Sandusky it takes a good 30 minutes to get off the island go into town and find something to eat or a grocery store and the same to get back so forget about leaving for lunch unless you want to lose 1-2 hours. It is a well landscaped, clean campground every site has their own trash can emptied daily, they clean your ashes out of your grill daily if you BBQ. The best part of it for us was the ability to get up eat breakfast walk 200 yds into the entrance an hour early before park opens to the general public get the big rides out of the way before it gets crowded, then go back to trailer eat lunch, then change into swimming attire and go to water park which is even closer maybe 100 yds, the water park is really nice and all of it is heated a lot I wasn't expecting warm water in early June. then after several hours go back to trailer eat dinner, change clothes and go back to Cedar point for remainder of evening. Between the money I saved for meals for 5 of us at the park, and the Daily parking fee of $10 that I would have had to pay if I stayed elsewhere and the convenience it was well worth it to me, especially if you get the 2 Day Ride and Slide like we did biggrin.gif
I agree with everything khager said, except we stay at the older electric only sites. They are only $55 (for pull-through) as opposed to $72 for full hookup. We only stay 3 nights and can haul enough water with us and then use the dump station before we leave.
Cheryl Fuller
Hey Cheryl - I take it you are back from vacation. How was the trip?
It was terrific. Thanks for asking. Colorado is beautiful. We had to come home 3 days early so we didn't get to do and see everything we had planned, but that is okay, it gives us an excuse to go back.
Cheryl Fuller
I didn't realize you were coming to my state for your vacation...what part did you visit? I should be on vacation right now. We were supposed to leave yesterday for 2 weeks but my husband's boss asked him to delay his time off until later in the year. We went to Cheyenne for 3 days last week for Frontier Days and attended a Tim McGraw concert but wasn't a real vacation, which I could really use!!!
We were in the Royal Gorge area for 4 days and then Colorado Springs for 5. Wish we could have had more time, everything was so incredible. We had to leave for home 3 days early. My son called us on our drive there with good news/bad news. Good news - he was finally going to be sworn in as a police officer. He had taken the tests and interviews last spring scoring highest out of all applicants! Bad news - Mayor was going out of town, so they had to move the ceremony date up a week to last friday instead of this coming friday.
May I suggest you DO NOT camp at Bayshore Estates. We just got back from spending 5 days there, and it was the most pithetic camping experience we have ever had. The sites are extremely close together, if your camper has a slide out it will be supplying shade for your neighbors' picnic table. If it rains at all, the sites turn into ponds with plenty of mud holes. There is a BUSY railway system that runs a minimum of every 15 to 20 minutes - day and night. There is also a small airport in the vicinity that has a lot of traffic. The staff is rather unfriendly, the office/game room/store is pretty flithy, the playground is a mud hole and the staff is very intolerant of dogs, although they claim pets are welcome. I guess welcome and tolerant are 2 different things. There is very little shade and the price is pretty high per night, considering the environment. $45 a night full hook up. Any other campground would have to be better. If you have a dog, I would like to suggest using the Pet Check at Cedar Point, if you will be going there. It's $10 a day and better than leaving your dog at a campground, especially if they are intolerant in the least. Camper Village really seemed nice from what we saw, sort of expensive, but very convenient.
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