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Full Version: central indiana campgrounds
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Looking for a nice clean campground in a 60 mile radius of Indianapolis, preferably north, east or west. We like TREES, larger sites and some privacy. Checked into Old Mill and White River and they are already booked ( we need this for Labor Day.) I know the state parks are the best but they are a little too far out. Just don't like that feeling of being out in the middle of a farm field or on top of each other. Anyone have any suggestions.
The Indianapolis KOA (actually in Greenfield) is only 10-15 minutes from downtown on the east side of town. It's family-friendly, clean, and we enjoyed our stay there last month. You could also try Brown County State Park - about 60 miles to the south.
We have stayed at Heartland Campground just Northwest of Greenfield, IN and was very satisified with our stay. They have two areas, one old area in the woods and one new with pull throughs. It is a field where they have planted new trees that do not provide any shade at this point. I have two favorite state parks not too far from Indianapolis, Brown County State Park and Turkey Run State Park. Both very nice.

I hope this helps.

Waubee Butch
I would suggest Brookville SRA, just off highway 101 South of Liberty. Great c/g with 66 sewer hookups, lots of room between rigs. Swimming beach, fishing, trails, large lake. In addition to the full service sites there are some 250 other E&W sites. You may be a bit more than 60 miles from Indy, but beautiful hill country. biggrin.gif
Natural Springs Resort is just of I-70 at the Indiana/Ohio Border, about 70 miles from Indinapolis and is one of the best camping spots in the 150 mile area. Really big trees; one of the cleanest lakes we have ever seen in Indiana or Ohio and great weekend activities for the family and kids!! We stayed there in June and it was GREAT!! look at their web site at
Thanks for the continued responses. I'm going to check all of these out at one time or another. Our son starts college this August and we have 4 years ahead of us> smile.gif
When we go to the tennis tournaments in Indianapolis, we camp at the State Fair Grounds. Now this site is just off one of the grounds parking lots, but it has full hook ups for the campers. As we only sleep in our camper there, thus are not interested in the usual Campground activities at that time. There is a shower room also at that location. We like that location due to it's location to downtown Indianapolis. Police patrol the area, 24/7. So Just pick a spot and call the Telephone number posted by the sites.
I suggest Raccoon Lake SRA (Cecil Hardin Lake) - it's about a 40 min drive west of Indy out US 36. There's LOTS of trees, large sites, clean & newer restrooms, fishing, boating, etc. Also, try Wildwood Acres Campground in the Hartford City area (North Of Muncie). It is very nice and quiet, ask for sites by the lake & island, they're just gorgeous! We just returned from that campground yesterday, which I will submit a review here for shortly. I would bet they'd have a spot for the holiday weekend, as not many people know about that place.

tonya418n12: Will be looking for your review of "Wildwood Acres". We camp a great deal in Indiana and are always interested in a new good campground. smile.gif If possible can you include directions from the nearest highway?
Homer, the website for wildwood acres is and they have a link there with directions! It really is a nice place. But that's only one of MANY in Indiana, where have you camped in Indiana? Do you have any favorite places to share info on?
tonya418n12: Just checked out the URL on "Wildwood Acres", looks great, we will be giving this a try soon. Our favorites in Indiana: We favor the Brookville SRA just North of Brookville, In. probably go there 85% of the time. We have been for about 10 years now.
However, we also like "Chain O Lakes" SP in Northern Indiana outside of Albion on highway 9. Both have lots of things to do, including swimming, boating, hiking, bird watching, and playgrounds for kids.
Brookville has 66 full hook up sites and about 250 E&W sites. The country side is beautiful with its hills and valleys and quaint villages. The old mill town of Metamora is approximately 15 miles out of Brookville SRA. It has a lot of history, a canal and canal boat running through it. An operating water wheel grist mill and tons of curio shops. Also has an operating railroad train for rides.
Chain O Lakes has 8 lakes interconnected by canals and trails. The canals can be navigated by canoe which one can rent in the park. There are also pretty good fishing lakes
We have tried other c/g's but these are our favorites. Thank you for the information on Wildwood Acres. smile.gif
John Blue
Do you know about Ceraland in Columbus? This compound is super an ever way. Look at rated under Columbus and then Ceraland. We spent some time in RV park couple years ago. This place has everything and was set up for Cummins Engine Co. It is very large and has lots of old trees to park under. You will not see this place in TL or any other campground books. Need to call and see if it is OK to come in. At one time you could if you had a Cummins engine. I ask people who run park couple years ago if Good Sams RV's could get and she said yes. This place is a very large play land for Cummins people.
John Blue: Yes we know of Cerreland. What you have described is as I understand, right on. I e-mailed them about camping there and was told if we were related to or had friends that worked for Cummins or had a Cummins product we would be eligible to use the facilities. She did say that at times in the off season others are admitted if space is available. We did not pursue it any further, as we do not qualify under any of the above. unsure.gif
John Blue

We set up a trip in fall to visit Ceraland and at same time we setup a tour of engine plant that builds the engines for Dodge pickups. Plant is closed to people off the street and they do not wish to see a lot of people who do not work for Cummins. The tour and park were great.

You have a lot of sites in park and only a small number of large class A units were in park at time we did the tour. Ceraland is the largest play pen we have every been in. You have everything from golf to flying model air planes. The place is very large.

I talked to lady in office to see if we could come back and answer was YES. I also ask about people who do not have a Cummins engine and she said if park had room and you had a Good Sams card they would let you in.

I would call back in fall months and see if they will let you in. Any one would love this place. I understand that Cummins people will come first.
Wow, I'm loving all the suggestions. We just took our son to college on Wednesday sad.gif , so now we have places to stay for the next 4 years.
John S.
We will be having a rally there in late Sept. for Foretravel. I guess I can post how it is then too.
smile.gif John S. I will be watching for your review.
John Blue

Look under Columbus and you will see two post from Ceraland now. I wrote the last post in 2002. The Foretravel group will have a great place to meet in late Sep.
Homer, I have always wanted to try out Brookville. And, I used to camp up at Chan 'O Lakes with my family when I was a little girl, I remember it being nice then! But that was way back when I HATED to go camping! blink.gif

Now it's all I want to do!

I realize it is off the topic of "central Indiana", but has anyone tried camping at Potato Creek S.P. up in northern Indiana, or at Spring Mill S.P. in southern Indiana? I highly recommend both!
I have heard lots of good things about Potato Creek S.P., but have never been there myself. Spring Mill is completely unknown to me. We will have to check them out in our future travels. biggrin.gif
Spring Mill is awesome! And quite beautiful there!

To quote this website:

About Spring Mill State Park
What was once an actual village and mill is now a state park. In 1832 the Hamer brothers took ownership of the village. At that time it became known as Spring Mill. Nearly 100 years later the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) undertook a repair and reconstruction project, and also added a lake, shelters, roads and trails.

The rest of the park revolves around the natural wonders that abound in Lawrence County: caves, waterfalls, and trails through an untimbered woods.

Natural Attractions
Donaldson Woods is named after George Donaldson, who purchased a tract of forest in 1865 and did not allow any hunting or timber cutting. Because of his stewardship some trees in this area are over 300 years old. A sign along a hiking trail says, “Donaldson’s lifestyle may have seemed unusual to some, for he was known to buy property solely for its beauty and unique characteristics. His wish was that nothing be disturbed, not a butterfly caught, not a twig broken.”

IPB Image

The Caves of Spring Mill
The topography of this area of the state is unique, with its underground streams, caves and sinkholes. Donaldson Cave, one of at least three caves within the park, is where the northern blind cave fish was discovered, a now endangered species that has no eyes. Twin Caves was named after two sink holes collapsed to expose this cave in two places. Boat rides into Twin Caves are given from April through October, conditions permitting. The boat goes 500 feet into the cave then turns around.

Other Activities
Spring Mill State Park is perfect for outdoor lovers. There are miles of well-marked hiking trails, a saddle barn where trail rides are offered, swimming, boating, fishing and camping. An interpretive naturalist service is available all year, and one naturalist even helped identify some of the flowers photographed for our Virtual Wildflower Walk.

The Grissom Memorial pays tribute to Gus Grissom, a native of nearby Mitchell, Indiana who was America’s second man in space. For a comfortable stay, the Spring Mill Inn attracts visitors year-round. The inn itself is made of native limestone and was built between 1937 and 1939. There is also an indoor/outdoor pool at the inn.

Spring Mill State Park is another reason to love Southern Indiana. Whether it’s learning about Indiana’s pioneer past, or taking in nature’s wonders that draws you to Spring Mill, you’ll be glad you visited.

For information on Lawrence County see or call 800-798-0769. For information on Spring Mill State Park, call 812-849-4129 or see Historian Dave Williams’ web site on Spring Mill see

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