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Cheryl Fuller
Has anyone ever rv'ed to San Diego. We are thinking about it, leaving Denver and heading down thru Albuquerque. Are there any nice rv parks in the San Diego area?
We have stayed here before it is a large place but it was very nice several years ago. Also check out the reviews on this site for San Diego for this park and others. smile.gif
Cheryl Fuller
Gene, thanks so much for the review. I went to their website - the place looks wonderful, especially the "super site" with the private spa, but do not think hubby would fork over the $192 a night. Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July.
In Chula VIsta (south of San Diego near Mexican Border) the Chula Vista RV Park and Marina is GREAT, with easy access to San Diego attractions. Also, Chula Vista has a KOA - not as nice as the latter - but still fine.
Cheryl Fuller
Thanks for the info - I will check it out...
Hi, Cheryl. I second the Chula Vista Marina and RV Resort. It is on the bay, has nice facilities, and is close to the San Diego Trolley, so you can leave your vehicle behind and take the trolley into downtown, the harbor, Seaport Village, the Gaslamp District, Petco Stadium where the Padres play. I've also heard many good things about the Chula Vista KOA.
If you have time, catch the Coaster train from the train station downtown and take it up here to Carlsbad, about 30 miles north, and visit our great little "village" and beaches. Email me and I'd be happy to answer any questions. The Coaster costs about $4.50 each way and is a beautiful ride,, right along the ocean in Del Mar, Encinitas and other beach towns. Have a great trip.
Cheryl Fuller
bubba - thanks. That sounds like a fun thing to do. Unfortunately, our trip has been delayed. We are supposed to be leaving tomorrow, but last week my husband's boss "asked" him to delay his vacation until Sept. I put that in quotation marks because I don't really think it was a request. I printed out your reply and put it in my vacation folder and I will email you when it gets closer to time for us to go. I love Seaport Village and will have to make a trip there as they have a store for left handed people and both of our sons are left handed. AGain, thanks for the great info.
Ex Sub-Driver
Not happy that your trip has been delayed, but now I have the opportunity to advise you to avoid the "Oak Creek RV Resort" in El Cajon, CA. Please read the reviews before considering this property. I am still trying to get all the hard water spots off my slide.
put it in my vacation folder

Something else we have in common besides the same first name! laugh.gif
Cheryl Fuller
Sub, thanks for that tip - will definitely avoid that rv park. It really helps to get feedback from someone who has been there. Cheryl, we sound like 2 birds of a feather. You said you had 2 grown kids - they wouldn't happen to both be boys would they??? That is what we have.
Wow do we have a LOT in common.
Jared, he'll be 22 in 12 days and Brad, he turned 20 in May. My husband and I unofficially adopted our 3rd son, Jeremy the end of last December. He is 21. He practically grew up at our house and now he lives with us.
Cheryl Fuller
Ours are a little older - Gregory will be 25 in Oct. and Chris turned 23 in May. Gregory and his wife have a 3 yr. old son named Scotty. His name is actually Gregory Scott III. Boys just run in our family. I have 4 brothers (I am the only girl), my brothers have only boys, as do I, and our boys that have children have only boys. My dad has 10 grandchildren and he has 10 grandsons. If we ever get a girl, she will be spoiled rotten -wait, they all are anyway!!!
My husband has 3 brothers, no sister's. I have 2 brothers and a half sister(different dads). Out of 8 grandchildren (for my In-Laws), only one is a girl. My side, I have the only 2 boys. My half sister has 2 girls, my brother has 1 girl and the other (also a half - different moms) has none(yet). He is only 28, so I figure there is still time. All of my husbands cousins on his dad's side are boys. We always knew the sole grand-daughter was my Mother-In-Law's favorite. We don't have any grandchildren yet - no way are my kids grown-up enough to be parents, plus they all still live at home. Jared just became a police officer and Brad is a service Technician (auto mechanic) for a Dodge dealership. Jeremy works at a fitness center. Between them, their girls and their friends, we always have a house full and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Doug and Cassi
I know it won't make the delay feel better, but the weather in San Diego is much better in September.

Ditto on the Chula Vista RV park.

DO NOT drive into Tijuana, but if you feel you must buy Mexican insurance before you cross the border. An accident without it WILL LAND YOU IN THE TIJUANA JAIL. It's much easier to walk across, then take a cab into the turista area.

Doug and Cassi
Hello Cheryl. I have read the reviews and in context they are right. My wife and I grew up there and visit family regularly. San Diego has gotten BIG. Decide where you are going first.

Try Lake Jennings in the east county. It is still close enough by Southern California standards to see San Diego. There are other RV parks not in SD that give you quiet when you get back to your rig.

We are just glad to be out of the hustle and bustle for so many years that you should enjoy San Diego but you can't see it all in a wwek. Have a good time.
We are currently in Santee, near San Diego, and have been here five weeks so far. The Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve is great. There are seven lakes (ponds, really) that are stocked with fish. There are a gazillion birds of several types. It's quiet and the weather is fine.

We've been to the Zoo and to SeaWorld, and to USS Midway. (Aircraft Carrier) bring your walking shoes and plenty of sun block. San Diego is really big and traffic is what you'd expect. We're happy to be here but we'll be happy to leave! rolleyes.gif

We'll be moving on in four weeks, to see the big trees, Yosemite, etc.
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