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Full Version: Is local resident info helpful?
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Let me confess right up front that I'm a tent camper, but I find the reviews here helpful in selecting campgrounds. My question to you all (and specifically the webmaster) is this: would you like information/opinions about park from local residents? I'd like to write a review of a park in which I've never stayed, but since I live very close by and am familiar with the area, I have some insight for those who might be considering utilizing the park. Of course, I've also got some ideas about best times of the year for parks in my area in terms of weather and crowds and that kind of thing?

Do you think this would be helpful and is it allowed under the rules of this web site?

I cant speak for the webmaster, of course, but I have seen lots of reviews on this site from people who have visited, but not stayed in, campgrounds. I would find comments from local residents helpful and I am a firm believer that you cannot get too much information in making a decision about where to stay. This is one of the reasons why I like this site so much! One suggestion: If you do review locations on this site, please make it clear the perspective from which you are reviewing, i. e., a tenter, a travel trailer, a pop up camper, or a big rig. Thanks.
I myself personally prefer local input on campsites... Especially concerning when it is the least crowed and best weather to visit a given location, also what there is to do and see in a given area... Now this is just my opinion, and opinions are like (well) lets just say we all have one...

unsure.gif I think it would be an OK idea also. It could give us an idea of the roads and other attractions nearby. The good times and bad times to go to a given c/g would also be helpful. The big thing I think, is that you do not give a biased slant to your review, because you are either connected to the c/g or are related to the owners. There is no way for us to know this right away. We all rely on the honesty of the reviewer, IMHO
dry.gif Agree with the above posts and do like to see what local residents have to say. Just be sure to note you have not camped at location so those who are not interested in local reactions can determine if they want to read your post. Of course we try to take into consideration different elements of a post, depending on our needs on the current adventure that is leading us to an area
It would also be great to know if park is in high crime area, etc. That's not something you can figure out from internet research.
ccj: That is precisely the motive I had in asking the question. We've even noticed that in these times you never know what you're getting yourself into by checking into a Motel 6 or Days Inn sometimes. We have four teenagers and have learned to be very careful about where we stay. Our camping in recent years has been pretty much restricted to state parks for this reason.

If you all have time, take a look at my review of the RV park in Norcross, GA and see if that's helpful.
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