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Full Version: Good Sam Club Visa Card
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Buyer & User Beware,
Good Sam Club Visa Card does not give you a 5% gasoline rebate as advertised in their litature. I used their card for almost a year and in my latest travels across the Southwestern US I used the card for fuel purchases. I have since dicovered that I have been getting less than a 2% rebate. When I questioned MBNA about this I was informed the card could not be used exclusively for gasoline purchases. I have been unable to find that paragraph in the credit card agreement. This is another Good Sam Club benefit that doesn't live up to its billing. I am beginning to realize that Good Sam will take my money but when I don't receive the service they claim and I call their Customer Service their isn't a person above their Customer Service employees you can talk to. Im still waiting for my customer service reply I called in regarding the credit card scam, that has been over 2 weeks now. Good Sam is like all the rest of the organizations that want you to join them, join up and all they want to do is sell you insurance. Thanks for listening. Buckeye

I must have missed something along the way because I have had a Good Sam Visa Card for the past three years and have never heard about or seen anything on a gasoline discount or rebate program. I do get certificates every month that give me free merchandise at Camping World or free fuel at one of the truck stops (I don't remember which.) Maybe they offer different incentives to different people. I've never had a problem with them.
John Blue

Good Sam's RV cards have a discount at Loves Travel Stops if you take the card in before you pump fuel. I have never found any card that will give you 5% off on fuel. Wal-Mart cards are good for only 3 cents off pump price. I would like more information on this item.
Citicard Platinum credit card does also give 5% rebate on fuel purchases, BUT they (Citi Bank) will not issue the rebate until the rebate reaches a minimum of fifty dollars. A time limit on purchases does apply , and if you do not make the required purchases within the time frame--you loose !!
Try not to do business with Citi Bank as they become a pain in the neck real quick with phone calls, two to three per week, and continuous junk mailings trying to sell additional bank services. I finally had enough, and threatened to cancel the account, so they removed my name from the phone call and mailings list. Now we seem to have peace and quiet, at least for now anyway.
Big Ben
We just ran into a similar misunderstanding with another credit card. They won't give you the 5% unless you have an unpaid balance. That fine print will get you every time.
I have been using Citi Bank card for more than a year now and have received my 5% discount off gasoline purchases, no problem. I just deduct the accumulated discounts from my bill when I pay, ($50.00) increments. They have imposed no restrictions on me at all.
I also use Discover Card for the 5% rebate on gasoline, they let me deduct any thing over $20.00 accumulated rebate from my bill. No restrictions either. The Discover card for the 5% gasoline must be asked for. They do not discount 5% on the standard card.
So far I am very happy with both of their programs. They have saved me a lot of money. biggrin.gif
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