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Full Version: Woody Mountain - Flagstaff
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DUST BOWL! All roads and camp areas are a powdery dirt that is in the air the entire time. Traffic only made it worse. We had reservations for several days, but couldn't handle the dust so left. I can't imagine what would have happened had it rained. The first night we tried sitting outside and I remember wishing I had a plastic hooded suit with a mask. I would never go there again.

...still choking. blink.gif

Stayed in summer of 2005
John Blue

I did not see any new reviews from this park. Did you write it up? I see 7 reviews and all show the dust bowl problem.

Look under (Submit a campground review) and that will take you to the correct form.
John, there is a bug in the submit a review section. Nothing comes up - graphics are missing. Reply or post missing. The rest seems to work great.

Great board!
John Blue

E-mail note to web master at "" and tell they what problems you have. Your settings may be a little off. You will need to have correct information from site and the correct www address or they will not post it.

Hope it helps.
Motorhome Madness
Not sure why the submit a review link is missing from the other forum topics. I'm looking into that, but you don't need to go that route anymore, you can use the link from the main page or click below:

Submit A Campground Review

You will need your forum username and password to start the review processs.
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