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Full Version: Bryce and Zion: best time?
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Hi. My wife and I are planning on going to Bryce and Zion for the first time, and I'm looking to go in late September or October. Can anyone advise as to will it have cooled down by late September? Is that a good time to go? We're also thinking about making a big loop and going from there to Colorado, particularly the Ouray area, one of our favorite areas and hope we don't get into any snow in October. Any thoughts will be appreciated.
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John Blue
Everything you wrote is correct. Great time to go in fall before the snow man comes to see you. Also stop in Durango to ride the train up to Silverton and return. Some of the best parts of USA are in southwest CO. Use care on Hwy. 550. Late Oct. may snow a little but should not be a problem. Ouray is a great place to tour.

Have fun on that trip.
RV Camper
I would agree that fall is a good time to visit that area, but you can get snow. In our 20+ years living along the front range of the Rockies, there were very few times that we did not see snow before the end of September. Bryce & Zion are not in the mountains, but they can and frequently do get snow in the fall. If it does snow it will probably not last long, nor amount to a lot, but you should allow for it. And bring your warm clothing as it is beautiful when it happens and the sun comes back quickly, so you won't want to stay inside if it happens.
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