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Full Version: Camground chargebacks with visa, mc, discover.
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I haven't had a problem where I had to leave a campground yet, but I read many reviews that mention these run-ins. I was just wondering what the credit card companies are doing when you don't stay at a park and request a chargeback. I'd think their policies leaned towards the cardholder rather than the merchant. If you have a receipt showing that you paid for a different park on the dates in question, it seems like they would definitely grant the chargeback.

Anyone care to share actual experiences?

you can contest any charge on your credit card. They will not pay the bill until a discovery process takes place. Then they usually try to arbitrate the problem to an amicable solution. You don't pay until a satisfactory solution is attained, if ever. Any thing you can offer in the way of evidence is in your favor. If you broke contractual obligations, then you will probably have to pay. unsure.gif
When I had a merchant account, it always seemed to me that the chargeback process is slanted in favor of the consumer. They DO request that you try to negotiate a solution with the merchant. But the incentive for the merchant to accomodate the consumer is that a chargeback involves not only not being paid for the merchandise or services, but a fine from the credit card company of $25 or more.

I'd urge anyone to use the chargeback option responsibly, and only as a last resort. One thing that results from too many problems with credit card accounts is the business people quit accepting credit cards. I've seen several campgrounds that have gone to cash-only as a result of feeling abused.
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