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Full Version: trip to Montana
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We will be leaving central Florida for a trip to Montana. Any suggestions on routing and if anyone knows of wireless internet locations and camps that might be on the way... someone spoke to us about taking hwy 82??????
I usually use I-80 from Illinois but I guess it depends what you want to see on the way. We are headed for Glacier National park when we use 80. Highway 82 in which state? Anyway, you'll have fun on the way. Stop by and pick me
Travelin Rose
We are currently at the North American RV Park on US-2 about five miles west of Glacier National Park. It is a nice park with free WiFi. I am using the WiFi to post this.
so far plans are to leave Florida, to Ga. than to Paris TX.. really really need internet connections. Have a son that is going with us that is doing college courses *L*.. and of course have to add i'm addicted *S*

Hwy.82 Ga, Ala, Miss. Ark, and to Paris Tx..than north.. don't know as to what hwy we will go north on yet ..kinda a hit and miss with no time limits..(other than weather)
You can get free wi-fi at KOA- Billings, MT (I-90 x-450) )and Yellowstone Edge RV Park 18 miles south of Livingston, MT (I-90 x-333) on Hwy 89 just 35 miles North of N. entrance. You can get 15 minutes free at Grizzly RV park in West Yellowstone then must pay Hwy 89 through Yellowstone and into MT is very scenic and the best of all US scenic routes is the Beartooth hwy (check it out via google) in MT.
Check this for wireless C.G
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Enjoy rolleyes.gif
Hello to all Rver's.
I am new to this Forum, in fact to all Forums because I have never participated in one before. Not so new to RV's but new to actively engaging in the weekender's and vacationers life.

I too am traveling to Montana this summer from Austin Texas. I know the route to Colorado quite well; however after that it gets rather sketchy. I am interested in routes (road way and byways) going to Glacier NP and camp grounds close to the Glacier NP.

I know that I will not be able to travel the "Road to the Sun" I will be renting a car to do that.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh by the way, I do not like hanging over the cliff on a road and there is nothing between me and the angels.

Thanks All unsure.gif
Cheryl Fuller
Hi Susan - welcome to the forum. We live in Denver and traveled up thru Canada back in the fall. Probably the same route you will take to go to Glacier, as we passed the exit for it. We took I-25 (north) all the way to the end and then got on 90 (west). There is a really nice campground in Buffalo, Wyoming right on I-25 called Indian Campground. If you check the review section here, you will see it has almost all 10's. We stayed there on the way back. When we got to Billings, Montana, we got off the intersate and took Highway 3 to Great Falls, much more scenic and was a shorter route. Can't really give you any info on Glacier as I have never been there but I am sure that some of the guys here will be able to help you.
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