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Full Version: purchasing a new rv
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We currently own a 30 ft TT, bought from Vacationland RV in Big Rock, Illinois. It is also stored there for $365/year. Trouble is, they have one pt mechanic on staff, and are typically behind several months. When things go wrong, the owner typically can get skunked. A week ago, our refrigerator/freezer died, and we were told they are backed up 7 weeks. Kind've takes care of our camping season, if we were hoping to use our fridge. The trailer is two years old, and maybe has 6 weeks of use into it. We are very disappointed with the dealer and their service, so much so that we are looking to purchase another trailer from a different dealer. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a dealer that allows reasonable storage fees (we've seen some as much as $900 a year--way to steep for us). We are 30 minutes west of Chicago; east of Rockford; north of Joliet. I'd even buy from one dealer, and store in another lot, if I could find something nearby that's reasonable.
We ran into the same type of problems with the service dept. at our dealer. They were very slow and could never seem to fix the problem even when we told them exactly what was wrong. We found out that there were some individuals that used to work at the dealers that can do warranty work. One guy even opened up a shop near where we live. We started bringing our 5th wheel to them.
Service has been great so far. Maybe in your area you can find someone. In Louisiana it seems as though all the dealers service departments are the same. We found out by accident that we didn't have to go through the dealer to get our camper serviced. I'll never have mine serviced at a dealer again unless I have too.
As soon as our check cleared for our new motorhome, our dealer forgot all about us. No follow-up, no contact, and weeks of delay to get an appointment. I soon figured out that when I had a minor problem to find a local RV service person and pay for it out of my pocket. I think the people who are happiest with their service are those that go to Montana or Oregon, pay no sales tax, and forget about the "local dealer" advantage. There is often none.
Cheryl Fuller
Beastdriver - I have a question about the no sales tax thing. I have seen those ads in Highways magazine and thought that maybe when we upgrade, we would go to Montana as it isn't all that far. My husband thinks that we would still have to pay sales tax - just not at the time of purchase, but would have to here at the dmv when we tagged it. Do you know anything about that?
John Blue

I run into a couple RV people up in NC three weeks ago who did the no tax deal. It is in back of Highway magazine. You pay a fee per year and pay no sales tax on RV equipment or cars. Plates will come from Montana good for six months them you change it over to your home state or any state you use. They were happy over the deal. One large motorhome and one car to date and no tax. I think the trick is one of time. You pay this fee for years them only buy a old used car you save "0". If you buy a high dollar rig them you could save $$$$$.

I hope this will help!
Cheryl Fuller
Thanks John - I showed the email to my husband. Think it is defintely worth looking into as we plan to buy a new diesel with king sized bed and at least 3 slides next time so imagine it will have a hefty price tag.

When we bought our last rig, we got a quote from Bretz in Montana, and the tax savings was about $10,000. I bought it locally in Florida for the "dealer service", but have kicked myself many times. Wish I had bought it out of state. I understand that you have to set up a Montana corporation to do this, and pay a fee of about $1,000 to $1,500, and that's it. From then on, as I understand it, you simply renew your Montana tags. I would definitely check into it if I were you.
bbcaao: Addressing your storage question. As I understand it you are looking for a place to store your rig for the winter. Have you checked with the fair grounds around your area? Many or most of the county fair grounds will offer RV storage at a very modest price during the winter. They generally park them in the many buildings they have setting idle on the fair grounds. If you are looking for daily storage year round most of the U-Store places have facilities for that, I do not know what their pricing is like. A lot of people seem to use them.
We're considering another RV purchase and were looking at buying out of state. wink.gif
1. What states do not have tax on vehicle purchases
2. Do these states require you to set up a corporation in order to purchase the vehicle? If so, what is the time/ cost involved??
3. Any thoughts, ideas, or recommendations??
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