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Full Version: How Long Has This Forum Been Here?
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Bud Wiser
I have been reading RV Park Reviews since it started. After they changed to the new format did I notice that there was a forum also. Has it been here forever, and I never noticed, or is it new? Which ever, I am glad I found it. The RV Park Reviews may be the best RV site on the net. Thanks to those that make it possible.
Motorhome Madness
Thanks for the kind words! The forum has been here since the middle of March of this year (2003). There was a button right under the top header logo before, but we didn't think it was being noticed so we changed the whole front page format. Enjoy rolleyes.gif
Bill Calvert
Me, also too had missed the button. Will enjoy the forum and do appreciate the park reviews. I go to your site most every time I'm on the net.
I also missed the button. Thanks for changing, thought it was new. wink.gif
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