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Travelin Rose
I just read a review for a park in Wisconsin in which the reviewer said "I have never posted a review in the past and hope not to in the future, but this was such a bad experience that I felt I had to".

I would liked to encourage everyone to post reviews, both good and bad. I post reviews of all the parks we stay at and hope they help guide others to the better parks and avoid the bad ones.

We travel full time and stay at a lot of parks. This site has helped us to find a lot of good parks, but we still get into a substandard one once in a while, expecially in areas where no reviews are available.

Write those reviews.
RV Camper
That post is so true! The fact is that this site can only be what we who participate make it be. If you use the site, you should also contribute. Personal opinions are what this is all about.

Every single one counts!
I have used this forum to check out various campgrounds and took the above posts to heart, registered, and then posted a review. I followed all of the instructions to the letter, however, my review has yet to appear. I sent an email to the webmaster to inquire as to why it would not post since it stated that it was accepted but did not receive a reply. Am I missing something here??
Cheryl Fuller
Ho Woodstock - our webmaster has to manually post reviews, so it can sometimes take a while. He could be traveling or just overloaded. Usually when I post a review, it takes a few days to appear. You can be assured that it will be there as soon as he can get to it. Thanks for posting a review
This is a great topic, and I agree. I am HOOKED on this website and have done MANY reviews. I have also introduced this website to many other fellow rvers and tent campers through my yahoo camping group. I know many people who check the reviews here first before heading to a campground or rv park.

IMO, it's the best website on the net to go to before you go camping in an unfamiliar place!


I realize though that everyone has a different opinion on campgrounds and rv parks, but it's nice to see reviews from folks that have actually stayed at them... unlike just visiting a website or reading an ad or listing in a book and thinking that a place sounds nice and then getting there and having a bad experience.
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