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Full Version: Lake-In-Wood Camping Resort
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I was reading the reviews of this campground and I also have stayed here. I find a problem with one of the reviews posted. The person rates this campground a 1 because they couldnt get a full refund when they tried to cancel their reservation several nights before their expected stay. Yet the person states the campground was willing to put their deposit towards a future stay. The campground was following policy. The reviewer states it was an emergency though, not to make light of their emergency but im sure everyone who wants a refund on a reservation claims to have an emegency. I agree with the campground here to FOLLOW POLICY. I just think it was unfair to even rate and post the review of this campground by someone who admits to have never pulled in the parking lot.
Well, since the campground makes up the policy as they see fit, I think you have to judge the situation and evaluate it on it's own merit. If several days notice were given, I think a refund was in order. It's easy to hide behind some arbitrary policy so you can keep someone's money, but is that the equitable thing to do in every case? I guess it depends on whether or not you value your customers.
Since reviews are the personal opinions of individuals, any campground is subject to personal interpretation. People rate on what they value most. What is a big deal to one person may be small potatoes to another. In this case, the reviewer that gave Clay's a "1" obviously felt their refund policy was too strict & that was what they valued. It is, afterall, just their opinion. It's important to take into consideration ALL reviews for a campgound to get an overall idea of the place. And, as always, take whatever is said with a grain of salt.
I agree that a refund should have been given if you value your customers. This person will probably never come again to that campground only because of their attitude. We stayed at Tom's Cove in Chincoteague, Va and were very dissatisfied with the site and conditions of the campground, they would not give us a refund, but a credit for a future stay. Now tell me if you were come back to a place again that you were not happy with the first time? After bringing to their attention the review I gave them here and with Good Sam, they gave me my money back. Maybe this person needs to let the owner know that this type of treatment of their customers is made public for eveyone to see, then maybe they will get a refund. The old saying is "The squeaky wheel gets the grease". wink.gif
It seems to me this very valuable site is for rating campgrounds, not settling disputes you have with the management of same. Albeit, the attitude of management is criteria that enters into the evaluation equation, this can be noted in the comments. I for one, would like to see reviews kept to the facts on the conditions and amenities of the campground. rolleyes.gif [COLOR=blue]
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