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Full Version: Where is everyone
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Cheryl Fuller
I log on everyday to see what is new and there is nothing posted since early yesterday. Where did everyone go????
John Blue

I hope not to the Gulf Coast and the high fuel prices may cool off travel now.
John S.
Getting ready to spend way too much money to drive and see the grandkids tomorrow.
Travelin Rose
We are at Terrible's Lakeside Casino RV Park in Osceola Iowa tonight on our way to Southwest Missouri. Keeping our fingers crossed we will be able to find diesel fuel tomorrow to get there. Want to get off the road before there is too much Labor Day traffic. Then, we are going to park the motorhome for a couple of months.
Cheryl Fuller
We are leaving on Friday to go to Oklahoma for Labor Day and then leaving next week for a 2 week rv trip. I hate the thought of paying that much for gas. I saw on Fox News where a gas station in Atlanta is charging 5.39 for regular unleaded. They said that the authorities were going to look into charging them with price gouging. Here locally, a gas station in Golden, which is a suburb of Denver raised theirs to 3.49 and the news said there is no law against price gouging in Colorado so there is nothing they can do. I definitely think we are being taken advantage of, but what can you do???
There is something we can do as a group to combat the rising fuel costs... we can start a "gas war" by boycotting 2 of the largest suppliers.. Mobile and Exxon. If we, as a group, boycott buying from these 2 suppliers, they will be forced to drop their prices. Once they do, the others will follow suit - thus creating a gas war which will drive the prices down at the pump.

We just made our way down from Minnesota to southern Missouri. No shortage of diesel fuel.. prices hovered in the 2.40 - 3.00 per gallon range... As for us, we've found ourselves a campground to work at and will throw out our anchor at least until fuel prices become more bearable.

Sal & Leanne smile.gif
I had to start back at work, summer's over. We do have a couple of weekend trips planned.
I've been busy at work which has taken my time away from Camping sad.gif However I am leaving on Labor Day for Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle Beach for a long needed rest! Well a partially rest... my real reason for going is my God-Child's wedding on the 10th of September.

I will try to check in more often.... and thanks for asking!

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