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Full Version: Wahweap campgroud or rv park
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I just noticed both a 9 and a 1 for Wahweap and was curious.......The websites are the same.....the review says they aren't the same thing and that one is closed....for the life of me I can't figure out from that which is which or if the reviews ought to be combined. I figure the rv park is still there. Next time we go that way I'll call first...but having two reviews that reference the same website confuses my feeble brain. blink.gif
I will try to explain as best as I can about the Wahweap camping at Lake Powell, AZ. There "were" actually three campgrounds, the upper Wahweap RV Park, the lower Wahweap RV Park and the Wahweap Campground. The Wahweap Campground is a very primitive campground for tents and small rigs with no hookups and the RV parks have the hookups. The upper Wahweap RV Park is the one that is closed and may undergo renovations by the park service, but nobody seems to know if that is going to happen. Both the lower RV park and the campground are next to each other. All the camping areas are run by the concessionaire Aramark. That is why the website is the same for all of them. smile.gif
Thanks genestoy. We stayed in the lower rv park last year and noticed the upper area, though no one was in it. Didn't know about the primitive campground.
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