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Full Version: Big Rigs On The Blue Ridge Parkway????
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We're considering driving the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway in a 42 foot motorhome with a toad. Has anyone driven the parkway with a big rig? Is it tight? Are the turns too difficult? Are there adequate turn-off spaces? Any information would be appreciated.
John Blue
We have run parts of the Blue Ridge and had no problems. The roads are good and a little tight. In the right time of year the turn offs will have no cars, in summer months they will be full. One item you need to look at is the tunnels south of Asheville. Number are to low to drive under. The park service people have a list of tunnels and size with mile marker. The only problem I can think of is some of the roads that tie to Parkway. Need to pick ones you could get off to spend the night. I think you would have a good trip.
We vacation a lot in areas near the Blue Ridge Parkway in both NC and VA. We have a 40-foot motor home and would never consider taking it on the Parkway. Part of enjoying the Parkway is being able to relax and look at the scenery. Trust me, if you take a big rig out there, you will only look at the road and the overhanging trees and the lack of shoulders. Also, near Asheville there are tunnels that could only be navigated by going right down the middle of the two lane road. We saw one poor guy with a new motor home. He had managed to get it through two tunnels and up in the dense fog to a mountain top where he was trying desperately to turn it around in a small parking lot. No thanks! Find a great campground -- like Campfire Lodgings north of Asheville -- and park the motor home and take the toad up on the Parkway.
I totally agree with DrSus - take your motorhome to a campground and enjoy the Blue Ridge by car. The 2 lane road is narrow with no shoulder and speed limit of 45mph. Most of the turn off areas for scenic views are are not made for rv's - maybe truckcampers or small class C's but definitely not 40ft. If a few cars are in them, you will need to by pass the view. Also, been on the Blue Ridge in a car when the fog rolled in so thick, I couldn't see 2ft in front of the car. This happens often, without warning. Also, if you haven't done this before, there are alot of nice places to see on the parkway but most of these stops just don't offer RV parking. Hope this helps.
John S.
We have driven part of it in our MH but the 45 foot tour busses were all over there too. I can't see why you could not do it during the week when there were not as many cars out. Also watch for the low tunnels. You will have to avoid them and some you will have to drive in the middle.

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