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Full Version: Hwy 17 The Atlantic Basin Pkwy
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Next Spring, we plan on going East to Brunswick, Ga and then generally follow U.S. 17 North to Washington, D.C. We want to try to hug the coast as much as we can and also visit some of the historical towns, such as Savannah, Charleston, Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach.

I'd appreciate if any of you Been There and Done Thaters would give us a hand and suggest any overnight stops and places to see along the way. Is U.S.17 a good hwy? We'll be traveling in a 36 ft DP and be pulling a dinghy.

Thanks for your help,

Cheryl Fuller
Opa, sorry I can't help with any of the info you requested. I just wanted to say that it sounds like a great trip. I am sure one of the rv'ers here will be able to help you - they are a wealth of information. I will be interested in the replies you get as hubby and I are always looking for wonderful itineraries for our motorhome treks. Oh, and welcome to the website - I am sure you will enjoy it here.
In my opinion, the Myrtle Beach Travel Park is the best. I don't mean to start a "war", I know other people here like the other parks. The best thing is to go read the reviews and check out their websites. If you have the time, taking the ferry out to the Outer Banks and then driving all the way up them is a wonderful trip. You want to drive over to Morehead City and get on the Cedar Island Ferry. We did it a few years ago in a 34' 5the wheel pulled by a 1 ton extended cab dually. Sorry, I don't remember the campgrounds we stayed at, but there were several on the islands. At Kitty Hawk, you can go up in a small 5-7 passenger plane, the pilot actually let my husband take over the controls while in the air.
Thanks Cheryl I and CherylII. My DW is really getting excited about this trip. Well, to tell the truth, I am too. Neither one of us have been up the East Coast. We've only been to Florida and New York. I think the planning stage is just about as much fun as the goin stage.

Keep the suggestions coming folks.


Cheryl Fuller
Opa, I agree about the planning. I have always saif it was as much as the actual trip. Hubby usually leaves the planning to me as he doesn't see the joy in it as I do. I do all my research and put things in my travel folder. I would trust Cheryl's (the other one) opinions - she's the best!!!
John Blue

I can add a little information on Hwy 17. Roads are Ok to drive on and we have run they for years now.

Start at Brunswick, very close to the Flying-J is Hwy 303, north will take you to Blythe Island State Park. Good place to spend the night or use it as a base camp to see Brunswick. City has a number of museums and old sites to tour.

In Savannah we use Skidaway Island State Park for our base camp. Savannah will take some time to tour all the sites. Couple old forts on east side on river. Mighty Eight Air Force Mus. Downtown tour on river, old railroad mus. and others.

In Charleston you could spend a month in this place. We use The Oaks Plantation Campground on Hwy 17. James Island is also OK to use. Pick up tour papers at camp site to find all the places to see. It has taken years to see all the place from Battery to Plantations up river. City has great places to eat.

On way to Myrtle Beach stop by Georgetown to tour rice Mus. and downtown. You can park on street very close to downtown and walk over. Very nice place to see.

In Myrtle Beach we use two places Briarcliffe RV Resort or Willow Tree at Longs on Hwy. 9. If you like to camp on beach this is wrong place for you. We never camp on beach due to salt damage.

On north to Wilmington, NC. We used the KOA due to not a lot to pick from here. Tour the Battleship NC and see old parts of downtown. Number of Museums and old homes to tour.

Cheryl has covered north parts of NC.

Have a great time and check out RV parks on this site to find the best ones. Also check internet for more information on cities and places to see.
Cheryl Fuller
John, you are like a travel directory. I think you have been about anywhere. No matter where I have wanted to go, it seems you are always able to give me the info I need. I take it you have been at the "rv'ing gig" for a while.
Thanks for the nice words. Right back at you!

Since you have never been up the east coast, have you considered going all the way up to Maine if you have the time? We went 2 summers ago - my first time - I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Acadia National Park incredible. I would have never dreamed there would be views like that on the coast.
Opa, we just toured some of that area this summer. When we were going to Washington D.C. we stayed at the Fredericksburg KOA, it was a nice campground, and there was a lot to do "historically" in the area - however, we only stayed there as it was relatively close to D.C. (however, it did take about an hour to get into Washington).

We also stayed at American Heritage RV Park in Williamsburg VA - we did not have time to do Colonial Willamsburg, but I have heard it is great. The staff at the RV park were great as far as information about the area, CD's were available for tours of historic Yorktown which was a beautiful drive. If you are interested in theme parks, we went to the Williamsburg Busch Gardens - great park - the entertainment alone was worth the admission (Irish Thunder (or something like that) and "Imaginique" were amazing) - we really didn't do many rides, just enjoyed the shows.

Cape May in New Jersey is also a beautiful spot, with great beaches.

I agree with Cheryl regarding the east coast, we've been through Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, the scenery is beautiful.
John Blue
Cheryl Fuller,

We have traveled a couple miles on the roads over number of years now. We travel inside USA and we tour overseas as well, non-RV travel. Number of RV trips cover 8000 to 9000 miles at the time. We have toured a lot of places over the years.


Placed on your list are OK. In Williamsburg we also used American Heritage as our base camp site. Williamsburg has some very poor places to camp. Williamsburg is a nice place to tour.
Cheryl Fuller
John, you sound like a seasoned traveler. We too love to travel, taking a cruise every year and have also traveled all over Europe but just started the rv'ing this last year so we have quite a few miles to go to catch up with you. I think we have logged around 4,000 miles in the motorhome in the past year.
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