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Full Version: RV Trip - Denver to California
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Cheryl Fuller
Hubby and I have decided to take our spring rv trek to California. Well, actually I decided. That is where I wanted to go when we took our trip last month but he wanted Canada so Canada won out but I am standing firm this time and he has agreed. We will be traveling from Denver to San Diego and then I assume we will head up the coast. Any advice on where to go and what to see??? I always start gathering info months in advance so I am ready to get started.
I have only been that way once in 1996, but I remember how beautiful the Sequoia National Park is.
Cheryl Fuller
Hey Stranger (Cheryl), where have you been keeping yourself? Haven't seen anything from you lately. I remember my husband mentioning going there as a child and how beautiful it was so I definitely want to see it. We have been to Calif. several times but have never gone there and never gone in the rv. RV today was on Hollywood the other day and they showed an rv park in Malibu but then I checked the reviews here and saw that the spaces were tight. Hopefully we will mkae it up to San Fran. as I love going there.
I've been around, I just haven't had anything to contribute lately. Between work and family, I have been keeping busy. The year we were out there, we took the "southern" route out - Grand Canyon, Las Vegas for a night, Hoover Dam, Disneyland, Sequoia's, and the "northern" route home, up through San Francisco (didn't get to spend any time there) Yellowstone, Devil's Tower, Mount Rushmore. We wanted to stop at Alcatraz for my oldest son to see, but no parking for the trailer. If we would have had more time, we would have found a campground and spent the night, but we had to stop in Kansas at my Husband's oldest brother's before heading home.
Unless they have changed the roads, be prepared for some "white knuckle" driving going up to the Sequoia's. But it is totally worth it! We were there during the 4th of July and there was still snow on the ground - but it wasn't cold. Sorry I can't remember the campground.
I am assuming that you know the Colorado places (Pikes Peak, Black Canyon, Great Sand Dunes) so consider Lake Powell, AZ; Bryce Canyon, Zion Natl. Park, Death Valley, & Sequoia. You could take a month or more to make that trip as there are many other places to go. Lake Tahoe is a little out of the way - but one of the most beautiful places you will ever go. Have fun!
Cheryl Fuller
Thanks Denbroncs - I am assuming you saw the game today. Oh, if only Elum had made that field goal!!!
If you are going early in the spring, be sure to catch the desert flowers in Death Valley. You can also drive through the Josua Tree National Park for some rather different types of catcus.

Be sure to go to the Monterrey, CA area south of SF for the aquarium and coast views.

We went to Yosemite/Sequoia area around Memorial Day this year. The highest passes were still closed by very heavy winter snow. Drive in California mountains can be tricky. Actually worse than in Colorado at times because CA seems to have more small paved roads through the mountains. You won't have any real problems taking the main routes (we went through Fresno) to Yosemite and Sequoia; no worse than driving Route 40 over Breckinridge Pass.

If you go back east from San Francisco, you can visit Yosemite/Sequoia and then drive over to the Lake Tahoe area. Take Route 50 across Nevada and Utah to say that you have driven the loneliest highway.
Cheryl Fuller
Thanks Jim. I think we are going the first part of May, hubby's birthday is the 9th and we can make it a Mother's Day trip too. We only have sons so they always call on Mother's Day but don't plan things like daughters usually do so it doesn't matter if I am home or not as they can always reach me by cell phone. Not sure if that is early enough to see those flowers you were referring to but will check it out. Planning the trip to somewhere sunny and warm will help me get through the Colorado winter!!!
I'd add that Santa Cruz is nice on the coast.
Santa Rosa and Napa valley, take the wine tasting train.
Old Town Sacramento is neat to walk thru.
San Francisco is a nightmare in a car not to mention an RV. But Fisherman's Wharf is the place to go there.
Up to Mt. Shasta and then back down to South Lake Tahoe.
Coming Back from Reno on I-80 stop at Virginia City.

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