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Full Version: Winterizing Your RV
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Hello all,
I found a real good website for winterizing your RV. I know it is "off the subject" of this forum, but if you are interested the link is:
It even has pictures rolleyes.gif
Happy Camping
Cheryl Fuller
Thanks, I forwarded the website address on to hubby as he gets to do all that fun stuff.
Thanks, but I hope I don't need it unsure.gif
Your timing is great - we are expecting frost tonight, so the hubby booked us in to get winterized.

Ditto Cheryl's comment - perhaps my husband will take a look at it and decide to do it himself, it doesn't look terribly difficult!

Thanks for passing along the info.
Cheryl Fuller
campingirl, hubby said it isn't too hard. It usually takes him a couple of hours to get it all done. He did it a month ago. Just wish he would get around to blowing out the sprinkler system lines here at home. We went from having snow back up to the 70's so he hasn't done it yet and I am afraid we are going to get caught with not having it done. I still need to go back over to the RV storage facility because I didn't have any moth stuff to put in it when he winterized it so I had to get some later. I always lay Bounce fabric softener sheets on the upholstery and on the striped down bed.
John Blue
One of the best ways to winterizing your RV is to stay south of I-10 and hold off to springs comes around again. Life is tough in south FL.
Cheryl Fuller
Oh, if only I could follow your winterizing instructions John. But alas, some of us are doomed to live the winter months in snow up to our butts and freezing cold temps...
John Blue

We also like to see snow (on CNN). We love to tour Denver in the warm weather months. Down to freezing here this morning at 60. We need to move down to Key West. On the 9th we travel to Argentina & Brazil and that will help warm me up a lot.
Cheryl Fuller
John, I gotta' tell you - your life is just so tough. How do you ever survive it??? I just keep hanging on to the thought that in 4 yrs. when hubby turns 50, he may retire and then we can do that too. Not having a good day - our youngest (my baby) moved out yesterday and mom's not handling it well. Guess we are officially empty-nester's now and it sucks!!!
I like your idea. I am only about 90 miles north of I-10 and very seldom do
we get a hard freeze. I do try to camp south of I-10 this time of year biggrin.gif
John Blue

How did you get her or him out of the house? I will be more than happy to send you a 29 year old kid to take the place of one you lost. That will fix two problems at same time. I will also pay the shipping cost to Denver. Will that make you happy? Now get out of the house and go have some fun in life!


Troy is not far north of I-10 but it pays to move south in cold weather or any thing less than 60. You will not need the pink stuff in water lines. I open bay door and open three valves to drain all water off in short time, end of problem.
Cheryl Fuller
John, sorry, but I don't think that will fix my problem. He is 23 so I know it is time he moved, but he was in college and then working on his masters so he just stayed here and mom liked it that way. My husband thinks this is going to be wonderful and we can be a couple again instead of concentrating on being mom and dad but I think it is going to take some adjusting. He came by today to pick up his motorcycle and I told him I didn't think he was eating right - he looks thinner than yesterday!!! Hope you survived all the hurricanes and storms with no damage. Passed your "winterizing" tip on to hubby - he too wishes we could follow that plan.
smile.gif As another newbie I was happy to see your post. We are so new we haven't picked up our Class C yet. We will get it next month. tongue.gif It is used, but my husband and our oldest son say it is in good shape. Thank you for putting in this one.
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