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Hi to all, new member, looking for extended stay RV Park in South Texas for the month of Jan & Feb 06, around McAllen, Alamo, Mission or that area. Would appreciate your feedback or recommendation on parks in that area. Thanks in advance.
We go to south Texas with a small group each year, mid-Feb to mid-March. Last year we went down the coast to Riviera before we cut west to our usual destination of Big Bend National Park. For 2006 we will probably go to the Weslaco-Mercedes area between Brownsville and McAllen, Texas. We did some research on this last winter and ran into one couple at Riviera that was headed down for an extended stay in that area. We had already read about the Progreso Nuevo Progreso area as far as a border crossing area. Nuevo Progreso, Mexico is a tourist area only and the couple we spoke to said it was the only border crossing in that area they were comfortable with. They even have a dentist there that handles all their dental needs. I pulled up info on the town and it is just a small town with Doctors, Dentists, food and shopping. The border crossing does not even show up on some map programs such as MS Streets and Trips. Same for my road atlas. This is from someones review of the area that I found:::::::::::::::::::::
Progreso International Bridge
Progreso, Texas & Nuevo Progreso, Mexico
Just South of Weslaco Texas, deep in the Rio Grande Valley, is the best international bridge crossing for U.S. and Mexican citizens as well as travelers from anywhere. The tourist section of Nuevo Progreso is directly across The River from the U.S.
Option 1: Park & Walk
Parking is located on both sides of FM 1015 before you enter the toll gate. Parking is nominal and the lots are paved and there's someone on duty during all daylight hours, so you can park and lock and walk
When you get to Progreso the parking lot is right there at the border and the market place starts about a hundred or so feet after you cross the border bridge.We wonder in and out of shops past the people selling on the street and come across this GIANT store called Curios El Disco Super Store (sort of like a WalMart). You recall the eagle I bought for $16.00? Here it was $5.95 and the longhorn skull we paid $28.00 for? They were only $12.95 here....yep I had to buy another one! And the guitar for $6.00? Only $2.95 here! Every thing was marked cheap in the stores in Progreso so there was no haggling over prices! We bought enough stuff to fill up two very large boxes at Curios El Disco Super Store and one of the workers there even carried them across the border for us on a two wheel dolly for free!(Clear to the car!) Naturally being Americans we tipped him very well for his generosity.
John Blue
We also have been into this part of TX. You have number of places in Brownsville that are not to bad. Hwy 281 from Brownsville to south of McAllen did not anything that we could find. The crossed at Progreso is on American Map 2005. McAllen has couple places for RV's. The roads and land in this part of TX had very little to look at. TX has better places. Wish I could help you more.
RV Camper
That is an area with many great places to stay and every description that exists. A lot depends upon what you want. There are many parks that have all kinds of activities in the park so that you seldom need to leave the park to stay busy. They have dance halls and lessons, wood shops, sewing rooms, card games and every type of tournament, special interest clubs, golf courses, pools and on and on. There are also parks that provide just a place to park hook-ups, and a small patch of grass. And there are parks of every kind in between. Most of the parks see, mostly long term visitors, but they do accept short term ones also. Many do not accept reservations for less than one week and some require at least a month for a reservation. But sites are easy to find and any kind of park that you want is there. It has been several years since we spent time in the Rio Grande Valley so I'll not give any names, but it won't be a problem. A little more to the north but on the gulf coast are two favorite state parks of ours. Galveston and Mustang Is. state parks are both really great for a winter visit and you can stay for a longer time in winter. I think that you will enjoy Texas in the winter.
The wife and I are at Tropic Winds on the north side of Harlingen, TX. It's a 55 plus park, but if your under 55 plus you still can get in, or so I have been told. The wife and I are workamping here. Has a gate house and is fenced in. Is very quiet here other then once in a great while a airplane takes off or lands at the airport. It is windy here in Harlingen. Don't know what it will be in Jan. or Feb. since this is our first year here. Do have some pictures of the place our our web shot page.
We are going to Mission this year (1st time). I think the name of the rv park is Benson Palms. unsure.gif
For past few years we've stayed at Kenwood RV Resort in LaFeria. This winter we're going back there. Indoor pool, laundry, clubhouse, phone hookup and we understand they are installing Wi-Fi this winter. $318/mo + el & cable. FIRST TIME visitors - 2 for 1. Stay one week, get second week free. 2005 spring, no limit! 866-786-4112. Christina or Paula. Look for coupon in local area campground paper.
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