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Full Version: Thanks Veterans
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Cheryl Fuller
On this Veteran's Day, I just wanted to again say a big thank you to all of you who have served or are serving in our military. Too often, you go unrecognized and unappreciated. I know of several of you here on this site and I am sure there are many more here than I know of. I truly do appreciate the sacrifices you made on our behalf. Thank you very much.
Ditto! wub.gif
This wouldn't be the America it is today without you and all those who came before you!
I agree.

I saw a ad on the TV. I thought they said that 1/3 of the homeless people in the USA are veterans. Now that sucks. sad.gif
Thanks for your thoughts Cheryl. I just got home from Columbus Oh where
I attended a reunion of the unit I served with in Vietnam. We marched as a
unit in the Veterans Day parade and it was great to hear the people say
thank you. For the Vietnam Vets it has been a long time coming. Thanks again

Cheryl Fuller
David, how wonderful it must have been for you to be able to attend the reunion and march in the parade. It is very sad the attitude that some people had and still have about vietnam. I know that because they thought it was a war we should never have fought, they treated the veterans of that war like crap. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with "politics" - the men and women of the military are doing their job and they didn't start the war but were (or are) doing whatever it takes to defend us and our country and they deserve appreciation and honor for that and not the insults and name calling they received. I truly am sorry that you and other brave service people had to endure that and I think those who ever participated in that behaviour should be ashamed of themselves. I am glad you had a good time during your visit to Columbus and got some of the recognition you so richly deserve.
Does anyone know if Cheryl Fuller still posts? She is spot on here!
No she doesn't. They sold their RV and she just lost interest.
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