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Full Version: Dallas Campgrounds
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We will be visiting Dallas, TX in January. Would appreciate any comments about the campgrounds in that area.

We are newbies in the RV world so appreciate any suggestions. smile.gif
Cheryl Fuller
I can't help you with campgrounds as we just started rv'ing a little over a year ago, but we are from Dallas even though we now live in Denver. I just wanted to say that if there is a shopper in the family who would like the ultimate shopping experience, let me know. There is a street in Dallas named Harry Hines that has literally hundreds of shops where you can buy casual jewelry, clothes, purses and decorating items for pennies on the dollar. I can take my SUV down there and fill up the whole back for around $300. You can get great earrings for $2, necklaces for around the same and purses are way below retail. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I still make a Harry Hines run once a year because it is well worth the trip.
Dallas is a BIG town. It will depend what side of town that you want to visit. Treetops at Arlington is a very nice park. It is in the middle of a very highly developed area. It is also on the West side of town.

Be more specific and we can help you further.
We've stayed at Destiny Dallas and enjoyed our stay very much.

They are on I35 in Denton.

Have a good time in Dallas, I wish I was going! wink.gif
We stayed at Traders Village in Grand Prairie and enjoyed it because there is the largest flea market in Texas on the property. Great fun.
I don't have the exact address but we're planning on attending a show at the Dallas Convention Center. So instead of staying at the host hotel located on 400 North Olive, we thought we'd try to stay in our RV.

We're just not sure how easy it will be to get around from the campground (if any) to the Convention Center.

Any thoughts or suggestions would truly be appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Cheryl Fuller
Mollet, are you planning on towing a vehicle? If I am not mistaken, the convention center is in the downtown area and I would definitely not want to drive a motorhome thru downtown Dallas. It is not my intention to offend any Dallasites, but being from there myself, I must say that they are some of the craziest drivers. You really have to practice defensive driving there as a large part of them are offensive drivers. Everytime I am back there, I see numerous incidents of people exiting to the right from the far left lane. As I said, I am not slamming Dallas drivers, it is just a fact. Scares the beejeebees out of me everytime I am there!!!
Directions from the ConventionCentre to Traders Village. South on Highway 35E to I-20. West on I-20 to Great SW parkway. North a short distance to the RV park.
This is 21 miles. Not sure if you want to go that far but RV parks in the middle of large cities are rare.
The address for the RV park is 2602 Mayfield Rd. Grand Prarie TX. Use a mapping program and you can then decide if it is doable for you.
Good luck.
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