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Full Version: Help with my dog
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Cheryl Fuller
I know a lot of you have dogs that you travel in your rv's with. I was always one of those you said Iwould never have animals in my house, but am now eating those words. We just bought a maltese, mainly because they do not shed and will always be small enough to travel int he motorhome with us. I have spent the past few days trying to train him to the "potty pads". He seems to have no interest. Everything I have read about housebreaking is basically with the goal of training him to go outside in mind, but we do not want Bucky to go outside, just on the pads. Our winters can be pretty harsh and he is so small that the vet said it is better to keep him in. Does anyone have any advice on how to break him? When we see him starting to go, we grab him and run to the pad but by then he is done and looks at us like we are nuts. Ataching a pic of Bucky - isn't he cute? Well, am attempting to attach a pic, we'll see if it works. Please help.
Cheryl Fuller
Okay, that wasn't the pic I meant to attach, so here it is. Again, I would appreciate ANY help.
Cheryl -

I may have a solution for ya! Our neighbors have a shitzu (sp) "Lucky" that they travel with everywhere. He absolutely would not use those pads. Their groomer suggested since he is so small to try and "box" train him, yep....litter box!

Most dogs, if you notice will kind of "paw" at the dirt, grass, etc. when they are getting ready. Well, this must be why Lucky didn't like the pads.

Our neighbors had him box trained in two weeks! He's just small enough that they use one of the covered litter boxes and so far, its worked great!

Cheryl Fuller
Marie, we have an outdoor cat so do have some kitty litter, so when hubby gets home, I will mention this to him and see if he wants to give it a shot. I have noticed, when I held him on the pad until he goes, that he does kick at it and my husband said he acts like he is trying to bury it so that just may be our answer. I can't see chasing him around the rv picking up poop all the time. For now, we have confined him tot he kitchen as it is tile but that would be hard to do in the motorhome. Thanks a bunch.
Cheryl Fuller
We have a Papillon and a Pug that travel with us in the MH.
Papillon's are know to be hard to house break, (Pug's can be too). I agree with the litter box training idea. We used a enclosed type litter box, almost like a doghouse.
That way when they start to dig at the litter it doesn't get tossed onto the floor.
It took us about a week and a half to teach our dogs to be 100% house broke.
The main thing is positive reinforcement when they do good by using the box.

Have patience and stay with it, males seem to be a little harder than females to house break but it can be done with out to much hair loss.
I know those little boogers can be a handful. But you can do it.

First of all, when he wakes up from a nap, put him on the potty pad (or litter box), he should tinkle.

Within 30 minutes after he has his breakfast or dinner, he will need to go again, put him on the pad or in the litter box.

When you see him start sniffing around, get him to the pad. If you see him start to squat, I say something to him like "Atttt" and it usually startles him and you can grab him up and put him on the pad (or in the box).

Use positive reinforcement, treats and hugs and kisses. Before long, it'll be done.

There is some special spray at PetsMart that will help entice him to use the box. I highly recommend that. There is special dog litter by Purina (I don't know if you can still find it)

I've been a veterinary tech for almost 20 years, just when I think I've seen it all, I get surprised!

Best of luck,
I am a Biology teacher who has had luck with training dogs only by crating them when you cannot watch them. This has the added advantage of not allowing the dog to get himself into trouble when you can't be with him. rolleyes.gif
Cheryl Fuller
Thanks for all your advice. At this point Bucky has gotten the gist of the pad training. I tried to do the litter box training, following the directions that I found at a website, but had to give it up. The puppy kept eating the litter and the vet said that I should do away with it. Again, thanks everyone.
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