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Full Version: I need to get out of the snow!!!!!!
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I am in Reno, NV and I am looking to get to warmer weather.....

I have heard about Yuma and the desert area in California. In your opinions, which one is best? I am retired so there is no time frame. The drive to California looks shorter so that is appealing. No kids so entertaining isn't needed.

Looking at the reviews it seems Hemet, 29 Palms as well as Southern Arizona all have nice parks so I am having trouble deciding where to head the rv (other than

Thanks for the help!!

rolleyes.gif Well, it depends what you would like to stay, if you are a swinger, i think California would be more appropriate, however, if you intend to spend 3 or 4 months baking in the desert, then Arizona should ne your choice.
If I may expand this subject, you should choose your destination in accordance with your wish; as an example, i like fishing and the warm weather, therefore, this year I shall go to Middle Florida and next year I shall try the south-west part of Texas.
Good luck and let me know your destination...

Thanks for the response/questions.
I am looking at about a month time frame.
I am looking to relax in the sun, sit in a spa, and read a book. I am having a house built and need a month off to do basically nothing!!!!!

Again, thanks for the input.

biggrin.gif Good, enjoy your meditating time away because once you will be back, I am sure that you will not have time to full around.
Remember one important thing, while you are away, no matter where you are going, do not forget to call your people at home and ask how's the weather there and when you hear minus, minus.., it is selfish but it gives you so much satisfaction...
Have a nice time,
Allen Gayken
My wife and I spend our winters in the Palm Springs area. We own a lot at Outdoor Resort Palm Springs.... palm trees, green grass, flowers and 19 pools and spas as well as 27 holes of par three golf. Lots to do and the climate is great! You can rent lots by the day, week, month or season. If you want more info please reply by email to This is our fourth winter and we love it.
Allen and Virginia: If you and your wife are the same folks who own and run Icicle River RV Resort in Leavenworth, I want to compliment you on your resort. My wife and I will never forget your resort, the super people who work there, and the beautiful park you run. We especially remember one event. Our site was a bit unlevel on the front passenger side and, even with our step down and another portable step under that, it was a bit of a stretch. Much to our surprise, we took a walk the day we got there and, when we got back, one of your folks had placed a wooden platform, with the Park name on it, under our portable step, making it just right. Nobody ever mentioned it--it just seemed one of the little extras this outstanding park provides for its guests. If all parks were like your's, what an improvement it would be for travelers like us. We will be back!
If you want to sit in a hot tub and just relax, you might try Fountain of Youth in
California. (south of Indio) Also Desert Hot Springs in California has quite a few parks with spas.
Good Luck

Thank you, I am looking in to both areas.

Allen Gayken
Beastdriver.... Thanks for the Kudos! Yes we are the Icicle folks. They are getting nailed with snow now but thats what winter is in the Cascades. It's beautiful but we've shoveled enough snow in our days so winters now in PS are the best with golf every day and warm temps and beauiful scenery who could want more. I do have plenty to do here when not playing golf. I am president of our Property Owners Assn... 1213 individual lot owners and a $4.3 mil annual buget. Our common areas include 27 holes par three golf, 14 well kept tennis courts, 19 pools and jacuzzis, 2 large club houses, a cafe, convenience store, post office, hair salon, espresso bar and seven satelite laundry facilities. All kinds of activities are planned too. Since we are full timers this works well for us. Thanks again for your kind words. Good travels to you!
Wife and I were in Yuma, AZ. last winter. I workamped at Araby Acres. Nice place but sites are to close to a busy highway. Not enough roads to ride our motorcycles on, but excellent weather wise.

We are workamping in Harlingen, TX. this winter. I don't see the attraction people see on coming back each year. We will try to get back to Arizona next winter.
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