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Big Ben
Just a suggestion that I think would be very helpful . I would like to see a new section added to reviews that would have parks that folks could stay at for under $400 month. This could be added to the existing section but would be much easier to use if separated
Big Ben:

I think your suggestion is commendable, but I don't see how it could possibly work. I've seen campgrounds that would be a bargain at $50 per night, and I've seen campgrounds that would be worthless at $50 per month. It all depends on the campground, the amenities, the quality, the advantages, the disadvantages, and so forth. I am sure there are campgrounds out there that would rent you a space at the worst time of the year for only $13 per night, but I don't know too many people who would want to stay there. The old adage about you getting what you pay for is likely going to be true here, with one exception: I generally find that at KOAs you rarely get what you pay for--usually much less. This is just my opinion of, course, but I don't see how your concept could work and be meaningful. But, again, I can't fault you for trying, and perhaps somebody can come up with a way to achieve your objective. I cannot.
Big Ben
You obviously have not been out for extended periods of time, We are full timers and quit often stay in nice parks for under $400 amonth.
This past summer we stayed in Circleville Utah for $275 month full hook. Gee I'm sorry no pool. Sites all gravel but with a beautiful view of 2 mountain ranges. 2 summers ago we spent amonth on the north California coast for $250 a month and this is ocean front. What you evidently don't realize is these site go for $20 to $25 anight. Just out side of Yellowstone there is a park for under $400 amonth PassPort America.
Granted every one can not take advantage to a monthly rate but there are one heck of alot of full timers and folks that do 2 to6 month on the road.

I'm pleased you could find those places. We stay on the road seven or eight months each year and, I must admit, don't go anywhere in the off season. Still, the places we've seen that offer "specials" in the off season are often not where we would want to stay. But, if you're happy, I'm happy!
Interesting subject, the fact to categorize the campground by price could be the way to direct people to look according to their budget, however, with the price, it should be included the amenities available.
In order to provide the potential RVer to spend time there, this forum should create a template identifyting the most important issues for a camper (i.e. some of them could be, location, lot size, internet, recreation facilities..etc...). A reasonable list could be accomplished with the co-co-operation of our members by submitting ideas.
One more thing could should added to this new database and that could be the location with respect to province/state.
Let's say I wish to go to California and I am willing to spend a specific amount of money per months, this new dBase should be able to identify all campsites available that the area and within this cost range.
(Just food for thought) biggrin.gif
Cheryl Fuller
Maybe I am missing the point but doesn't each review list the cost per night? It also directs you to the campgrounds website so if you see a review with a price that sounds reasonable to you, you can click on that link and check out the campground for yourself. I have never seen a city in the review section that had too many parks listed that I could not check them out individually. I am thinking about it from the standpoint that our webmaster certainly has enough to do without having to design a whole new system that will do what we can do ourselves in a matter of minutes. I don't really know how you could list, say for instance, parks that will let you stay for less than $400 per month because I think that price would vary by season, whether you were willing to do some work there, amenities you require, etc. I would think you would have to contact each park individually for the rate as pertaining to your situation. Maybe Good Sam, if you a member, can help provide you with that information.
Big Ben
I'm really surprised at the replies. These are not rates in the off season or work camper rates. They have nothing to do with their daily rates.. I had thought there were more full timers on this site or at least part timers.
Since the price of fuel has gone up, one of the recommendations was to stay in one area longer. Evidently the folks on this site are note interested in saving money.
Ben, on the contrary, I believe most RVers ARE interested in saving money. At the same time, however, I believe a growing number of us are more than willing to pay a little more for a quality site, and pay less attention to the cost of staying at a place than the track record and user comments on the place. Granted, sometimes we get lucky and find a first rate place at a reasonable rate but, more often than not, we find we get just what we pay for when we go for cheaper sites. Perhaps that is why you are getting disappointing comments to your suggestion. In any event, I would hope folks would respond by pointing out some first rate, highly reputable campgrounds with reasonable rates that have high user ratings on this site! Wait awhile and I am sure there will be some.
Big Ben
Some one else started a similar site on Good Sam with out much interest either. Guess I was wrong . Cheryl I didn't want to change the whole site around or cause a lot of work. The monthly rate is not reflected in the daily rate. Most of them I have used do not advertise a monthly rate.
For instance the KOA in Manila Utah In 2000 had a daily rate of $40 a day and when I said I wanted to stay for awhile I was offered a monthly rate of $250. Obviously I was wrong about others being interested.
Travelin Rose
We are fulltimers and interested in saving money, too. I think a lot of the people on this forum probably don't use a monthly rate. We do sometimes, but not always. We also use weekly rates.

We use the reviews to find a park that we think we would like, then it is easy to call and get a weekly or monthly rate.

We are in Yuma AZ now paying a three month rate, $1000 + electricity, will probably average about $400 monthly. We could pay less or we could pay more in Yuma, but we like this park and the other RVers. (Very important)

I agree with Beastdriver, we are willing to pay a little more for a quality site. Also agree that you usually get just what you pay for at a cheaper site.
Cheryl Fuller
Rose, enjoy your winter in AZ. I wish I was heading somewhere sunny and warm. We had a much warmer than usual Nov. here in Denver - had 6 days in the 70's and 9 in the 60's but it looks like it is going to catch up with us now - by next week it is forecast that our high will be in the 20's. So soak up some rays for me!!!
Maybe a spot could be added to the reviews for the weekly and monthly rate. That way we could make up our minds about the rate and the amenities provided.
Cheryl Fuller
I don't even know where you would get that information unless you specifically enuired about extended rates. I have never noticed a campground having those rates posted at the park and as we have never been interested in monthly rates, we have never asked. Does anyone else know about this? Is this something you would have to call the park anyway to enquire about?
Big Ben
Excuse me but we don't review campgrounds that we haven't stayed at so why would we call for this imformation. The imformation would come from folks that have stayed there and possible used their monthly rate.
Cheryl, I understand that you have no reason to want to know about monthly rates but there are alot of full timers that I would think would be interested. You have taken a very negitive stand on this since I posted this and I don't understand why?
If you are not interested in this type of thing why post on it??
I see that we are debating whether or not the camp review includes rates or not. I been browsing through several evaluations and noted that some quotes the information and others are identified by (?).
the purpose of having a type of dBase is to focus the attention of anyone researching in a specific point, of course that if I say Florida or Texas or.... the information are useless, but If I am looking for Tallahassee or Honosassa or Miami...etc..., the list of campgrounds in the specific location with relative costs and facilities would be an asset for the RVer that wants to go there.
It is only my feeling but, this would also be an incentive for the RV resorts to publicize (AS AN RV resort) their facilities and cost and each one of us who's been there would add its personal comment by confirming or denying the original statement.
Furthermore, I don't agree with the gentleman or lady that it would be more work for the moderator since the only work involved by the moderator would be to create two templates, one to be completed by the RV Resorts and the other by our members.
Well, it is only an idea.... rolleyes.gif
Big Ben
Galli, Well said, The idea of in put from the park is great.
C'mon, guys and gals. We're making much ado about nothing. Travelin' Rose summed it up nicely in an earlier review. Obviously, when seeking a place to stay, most of us research the location and amenities (mostly using this site), then it is a very simple matter to either (a) go to the website (which is usually listed in this forum), or (cool.gif call up the RV Park, and then get a monthly quote. I find that many websites provide monthly rates and, for those that don't, usually a toll-free number will get the information in a few seconds.
Travelin Rose
Thank you, Beastdriver

As stated previously, price is important, but not the determining factor when we are deciding on an RV park.
Rates change frequently. Check the reviews and you will see a big range of rates for a single park. I would not want to depend on these reviews for the current rate. It is very easy to call and find out the current rate.
Big Ben
I started this purely as a suggestion that would be helpful . Two of you who admitted to not using this type of thing, yet you both have criticized the whole thing. IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED THAN WHY POST?
Big Ben:

You make my point exactly............
A park manager's position: I don't advertise the extended stay rates in our flyer or on the web site, as I have several "packages" to choose from. This is easier to explain in person, on the phone, or in an e-mail. Our monthly rates range from $320 to $395, depending on size of unit and certain amenities wanted. Once I find out the size and type of RV, I can recommend a "package" that will fit the Rver's needs. I also have specials going at different times of the year.

If I posted my monthly rates on the web site, and so does Brand X down the street, and his rates are $25/month less than mine, I may never have the opportunity to sell you on why my facility is better than Brand X. By keeping it as a "Call for Monthly Rates", I have the chance to explain all the amenities of our facility and help you understand why there is a difference between a 4 star park and a 5 star resort.
HRRVR, your point is well taken, however, let say that your competitor(s) is/are quoting the monthly rates and you don't, the people looking for accommodation will be more inclined to go where the conditions are spelled out instead of risking a surprise upon arrival.
You have also to understand that calling the RV Resort for enquiry is costing money and many persons could not or are not willing to spend money just for an enquire.
I understand your dilemma, however if I may advance a suggestion, you should quote a minimum and maximum rates in your add specifying that the exact amount will be based on the number of options desired by the RVer. and on top of that, you should add your contact with an 800 number or an E-mail for further information.
I hope you are not offended since I am not trying to teach you how to run your business but unless you include some appealing notes in your add, most people will not be attracted to your resort.
Furthermore, most snowbirds are retired people living on a fixed income and if they can establish in advance the cost of their vacation it will be more than an asset.
Please don't kill me, it is just an idea wink.gif
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