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our family is new to the rv world- we would like to go to the gatlinburg outdoor resorts of america the day after christmas for a week,but we would like to know about other family's expriences there.we would appreciate any responses. smile.gif
Cheryl Fuller
Welcome Barney, both to our forum and to the world of rv'ing. I have no doubt that you will enjoy both. I can't help you on the Gatlinburg question - never been there. I just wanted to welcome you and say we look forward to hearing from you in the future. For the most part, you will find the guys (and gals) here to be wonderful people. I am a Texan and call everyone "guys". I can only think of one poster who I think places himself above everyone else here and wants preferential treatment but we don't hear from him often. I won't mention names but I think if you read the posts, you will pick them out for yourself. John Blue (who I think is off on the beaches of Hawaii at this time), Beastdriver and a few others are absolutely a wealth of information and are always willing to help. Glad to have you here!!!
I cannot address the Outdoor Resorts in Gatlinburg because I have never been there but, interestingly, this is the ONLY Outdoor Resorts we have not visited. I can tell you that this is one quality organization and their parks are the best in the country. I would not hesitate to make a reservation at the Outdoor Resorts in Gatlinburg, sight unseen, simply because these folks are so good and professional. And, by the way, thank you Cheryl for your positive comments!
Barney, I have not stayed in the Outdoor Resorts of Gatlinburg. I have been past it a number of times. It is a nice place and seems to be well kept and endowed with amenities. At this time of year many of them will not be usuable. You will be a little way out of Gatlinburg, but it is good road. Enjoy the Winterfest it is fantastic down there. Homer biggrin.gif
thank you Cheryl and Beastdriver(great name) for the warm welcome- sounds like Outdoor Resorts might be what we are looking for. thanks again,Barney
thanks homer , for another endorsement. barney
Barney I can't help with your question but I did want to say Welcome.
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