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Full Version: workamping and reviews
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Just wondering if this would be allowed. I have workamped at a couple campgrounds, staying 3 to 6 months. Neither of them have been reviewed and posted on this site, yet. I feel I can make a bias report on the campground even though I worked and lived in my RV there.

Do you feel that I could make a report on each of these places? Or best not to.


Certainly you should comment on your experience as a work camper unless the webmaster dictates otherwise. Who would know a specific location better than someone who has worked there? In fact, some of the best comments on this site have, in the past, come from those who served as work campers! I hope you will enlighten us. Thanks.

Have to agree with Beastdriver, the first hand experiences, good or bad, would be very interesting from your perspective. Thanks.

safe travels,enjoy,

rolleyes.gif I certainly think you should review those parks you workamped in. After all you probably know information about them the casual observer might now see his first time there. However, please be objective, the reviews are to serve the rv'g public and not the park owner. cool.gif
Motorhome Madness
We've given this quite a bit of thought and consideration, and have decided that workamper reviews are really outside the spirit of the site. I'm afraid that these posts would be strongly biased in one direction or the other. Either the workcampers loved the place and as a member mentioned, may want to go back, so it would be in their best interest to post a positive review. On the otherhand if a workamper didn't leave on good terms, the review may be strongly biased in the other direction. Workampers are/were employees of the campground and there has be a long standing rule about people affiliated with a campgroud not posting reviews. I don't want to knowingly dilute the quality of the reviews.

Thank you,

Baby Sister
Thank you for clarifying that. I have worked in several campgrounds and have thought about the validity of reviewing the ones that I have had the priviledge of serving. In the spirit of this site - that I love - I will not review any park where I have worked.
Thank you for providing the valuable resource.
Baby Sister
Folks> I personally appreciate that Baby Sister had the professionalism to consider placing this concern before others to comment on. Thank you.

Iíve been in both situations (a webmaster and a campground host); therefore,
I feel justified in making this forum submission.

I truly believe that I could provide a non-prejudicially opinion on a park where I have been the camp host; therefore, I respectfully disagree with the Webmaster. But, I absolutely agree with his/her policies for the site. We enjoy all of the benefits of the site thanks to that personís hard work. I am sure that constructive suggestions are considered, but the bottom line is that we donít get to make the final decision on website issues. We should respect those that are made by the Webmaster.

How about if a thread is started that workcampers can comment on their experiences at the campgrounds they work(ed) at?

I think it would be interesting to hear their perspective.
I understand our Webmaster's reply...
What about letting Baby Sister and/or Nolan just use the campground FORUM to give us a sneak peek of a campground from their perspective?
Just thinking out loud...
Bud in Florida
I would like to hear what they have to say--maybe place a disclaimer on the review or note of the review that they are a workcamper.
'Bud in Florida' date='Dec 2 2007,
I would like to hear what they have to say--maybe place a disclaimer on the review or note of the review that they are a workcamper.


It's been a couple years since 'Nolan' started this post...we may have lost him. 'Baby Sister' posted earlier this spring...Either of you on-this-line anymore?
I know Nolan is posting many reviews and is still traveling.
Baby Sister
QUOTE(Bud in Florida @ Dec 2 2007, 10:51 PM) *

I would like to hear what they have to say--maybe place a disclaimer on the review or note of the review that they are a workcamper.

We've been spendin more time traveling and not much time online. If a thread is developed and I have access to the site I would post on the parks I have had the opportunity to work for but will admit upfront that I would not post any negatives that would not be seen by the average visitor - i.e. internal squawbles amoung employees.

Baby Sister
Yup, still here. Haven't been this forum lately. Sorry.

I haven't added any reviews to places we have workamped at because of what the webmaster says. But still adding reviews to places we stay at when not workamping. This summer we didn't workamp and just traveled. The wife found lots of campgrounds we stayed at that were never rated. So I was busy. blink.gif biggrin.gif
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