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Full Version: Christmas Pic - Yes I know it is off subject
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Cheryl Fuller
At the risk of being chastised, I am posting a topic totally unrelated to rv parks. I consider all of you my rv buddies so just had to post this pic I just took of my grandson in his Santa hat with our dog, who was supposed to have a Santa hat on also, but as you can see, it is laying on the floor as he refused to leave it on. If I have to make this rv related, let's just say that my grandson, Scotty, has stayed at several rv parks with his grandpa and I!!!

Cute picture, cute grandson, and to heck with anyone who tries to chastise you for including it on this "family" site. Life's too short to worry about the "chastisers" of the world! Happy holidays to you and your family!
Cheryl Fuller
Beastdriver, thanks. Yeah, we think he's kinda' cute and think we'll keep him - gotten used to having him around the past 3 years. I was surprised because I see that this does not appear in the normal list of topics so guess I probably did post something that I probably shouldn't have, but like I said, I consider you guys my friends. Happy Holidays to all of you.
Motorhome Madness
Cheryl & all,
We have just created a "General Chat" forum for everybody to post "Non" RV Park & Campground related issues/discussions. Have fun, but continue to post anything about the campgrounds in the proper forum. smile.gif
Cheryl Fuller
Webmaster, thank you for doing that. I think it is a wonderful idea as we have all become friends here and now we have a place to talk about whatever. That was very nice of you to do, as I know we keep you busy enough without adding additional duties on you. I didn't even realize that it said "General Chat" - this should certainly solve some of the issues that have arisen lately.

Please add my thank you to your list, as I was one that was jumped on for one of my topics. This will surely be the answer to some of the members, who chose to police the posted topics that do not fall in the RV categories.

thanks again,

Your grandson is good looking boy. The pup is not bad either ! This will be our only grandsons first Christmas and should be an experience as he is just starting to walk. We also have four granddaughters that range in age from 2 1/2 to 11 years. May your Christmas be the best, safe travels and good health.
Both of your "babies" are adorable! wub.gif Enjoy every minute, you know how fast they grow!

Thanks again for all your hard work, especially at this very busy time of the year.
Cheryl Fuller
Thanks Cheryl and Butch. I didn't know we had the general chat area and knew I was probably crossing the line in posting the pic, but just had to share. Butch, I am so jealous - I want a grandaughter so badly. As much as I love the little guy, would love to have a little girl around. I am the only girl (have 4 brothers). I have only boys, and my brothers have only boys and our kids (sons) have only boys. My dad has 10 grandchildren - 10 grandsons!!! My daughter in law and son were recently expecting again but at 20 weeks, the baby died so she had to go ahead and deliver it then and it also was another boy. I don't think we are ever going to see a little girl in this family!!!
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