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Family is going to Tetons/Yellowstone next summer, still debating which place is best to stay, (we have trailer, but can dry camp) and also we don't want to miss anything. Whats the best stuff to see and do?
In my opinion, the nicest, most complete place to stay in the Yellowstone area is at the Grizzly RV Park in West Yellowstone. This place is unbelievable and the town of West Yellowstone offers much. What to do? Well, both the Tetons and Yellowstone are within driving distance of Grizzly (it is only a stone's throw from the west gate to Yellowstone). It would be impossible to list all the places to go and things to see in Yellowstone and the Tetons. If you struck out every day for two weeks in your car, and took your time, you could go a different awe-inspiring place in these two parks every day without repeating any. Not trying to be cute but asking what to do in this part of the country is like being in the world's biggest candy store and asking what candy to try--try them all, but give yourself plenty of time!
Big Ben
You will find that there is a lot more to see and d o in Yellowstone than the Tetons. If you are not real big on hiking than you can do the tetons in a day. I have 2 favorite spots there . A drive up Signal Mt. is well worth your time and the Ox Bow off the Snake River is on of the best spots in both parks to see wildlife. There is a pull off on 191 to see the Ox Bow which is OK but just north of the pull off is a gravel rd. that runs to the west. This is a great spot for moose and eagles.
I don't care to stay in W. Yellowstone. Grizzly is right in town,but if camping in town is what you like than that is the place to stay. I would recommend
Colter Bay or Flag Ranch. You didn't say how long you could spend but if time allows I would think about using to different CGs.
It is a solid 2+ hrs. from W. Yellowstone to the Tetons. Right at 100 miles and 35 and 45MPH plus alot of traffic. As long as you can dry camp I would try some of the CGs in the park. You did show where you were coming from, but if possible a stop in Cody at the Musem is highly recommend. We have been lucky to be able to spend several months there in the last 10 years. Itis my favorate area. Hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for the feedback. I know what the guides says but I like to hear individual experiences about what not to miss and what is overrated. Know what I mean? We plan on being in the area for 10days and will probably change CGs once. We'll take 3 days to get there and 3 days to get back to Ohio, so we don't burn the kids out driving.
thanks, and Merry Christmas
We were there this summer & stayed at Grizzly. It's probably THE commercial campground to stay in. It was also the most expensive campground we've ever stayed in. The campgrounds in Yellowstone are an option if you're into that.

Like somebody else said - the Tetons was a day trip for us.

Lots to enjoy and all well documented in Yellowstone. One of the less well documented sights is Firehole River Canyon; one of the little side roads off the main loop in Yellowstone and well worth the side trip.

John S.
We stayed in Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone. It was a large parking lot but it had full hookups. The benefit was that we were in the middle of the park and did not have to spend a couple of hours to get through to the other side. We left early in the morning and got back after dark and were ready for bed. A 9pm ranger talk is about a mile away and you can walk or drive. we drove. Other than sleeping we spent all of 4 hours in the campground while we spent almost 5 days in the park.

Tetons are nice. If you like hiking it is great but if not you can drive and see it in a day. You can stay in Coalter Bay and it is nice. We stayed 3 days in Jackson too. We were at the Virginian RV resort in the middle of Jackson. Se could take a bus or drive downtown and went to a rodeo too.

Hope it helps.

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We have spent in these 2 parks 2 weeks hiking and will come back.
Enjoy rolleyes.gif
Big Ben,

It looks like you have been to YNP/ GTNP a couple of times. Have you ever wandered into the Idaho side of the Tetons?

We are staying at McCrea Bridge camp ground in Targhee Forrest this spring and was wondering if you have any input for this area.
We stayed at both Teton National Park Campground and Yellowstone NP Campground. We were self contained so it was no problem not to have all the campground amenities. Both were wooded with beautiful scenery. We woke up to buffalo grazing in "our" backyard and beautiful mountains as a backdrop. Neato.
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