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Attached is the checklist (in Excel spreadsheet format) that I created so the wife and I would not forget to do something before taking off down the road.

I thought others might like a copy of it as a starting point for their own checklist.

Merry Christmas

Big Ben
Am I missing something or did you forget something?
Cheryl Fuller
Thought maybe it was my computer - the attachment was not there.
Sure glad that I'm not the only one that didn't find it. I was just about ready to go get a new pair of glasses.
The web site blocked the file from being uploaded.
Unfortunately the rest of the post went thru.


I've posted the checklist spreadsheet in the following:

Motorhome Madness
There are certain files/documents that forums generally disallow because they can harm the boards and xml Excel files are one of them. You can upload in Word doc format though. smile.gif
Attached is the checklist in MS Word format.


Please keep in mind when reviewing, we have a gas motorhome and almost always tow our Jeep.

If you have a diesel motorhome, 5W or TT, you'll need to make significant changes.

Hope this helps.
Great list, thanks.
Updated version
Additional updates per suggestions
John Blue

Your check list is very good. We also have used a check list for years now and have had no problems due to missing items or some item at home not completed. On our list we check mark each item as that is completed. Hard to drive back a 1000 miles to pick up bottle of pills. Good work!
I'd like to make one small suggestion concerning checklists. This from having used them as a pilot for 30+ years and in my RV for 10.

First, it is preferable to list items so that they are checked in a routine pattern. Example: Inside the coach, back to front or vise versa. Outside the coach, in a specific direction around the coach clockwise or counter clockwise. This will speed up the process and prevent an item from being missed.

Secondly, take time to do the job correctly and do not let anyone interrupt your process. They are the two surest ways to miss or forget something on the checklist. If you do get interrupted, drop the checklist where you last used it. When you go back to the process, you'll be reminded where you left off.

If your rig is a motor home, I'd also recommend that a separate list be made that has all of the cautions, warnings, and pressure/temps limitations that are printed in the operator manuals. Keep this in the cockpit near the driver's side. When things "don't look right" you can verify it by quickly referring to the list. To validate this concept, I'd ask how many air gauges are marked with the normal pressure range and if not, do you know what that is?

There are only two types of RVers - those who have left the antenna up and those who are going to. But a good checklist will put off that disaster for awhile.

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