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Full Version: Point Sebago, Maine
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Has anyone ever been to Point Sebago. We were wondering if it is any good.
We drove through Point Sebago, it is large. We felt that the management is focusing on the sales end of the business and neglecting the camping side. The sites were dirty, fine powdery dirt that coats everything. The bathrooms at the lake area were deplorable and when we told management they said they had a hard time keeping up with them. In the three hours we were there, no one ever cleaned the bathrooms. We spoke with four different rv'ers and they said that they would never go back because they felt that they were being taken advantage of and they felt like sardines at the campsite.

If you are looking for a rental trailer, they had several on the water. They were nice and had great views, but they were old rv's sandwiched on the sites.
We have driven through as well and would not stay. The sites were small and close together. It seemed pricey. I think they have about 100 rental trailers throughout the camp. All of these things turned us away.

On a positive note, the water front looks beautiful and it seemed there was a lot to do, we did not check the bathrooms.
We stayed for a week.Very expensive.Sites were roomy.Plenty of woods.Lake area was very nice. My kids don't like to do things with out us(wife and I)so they did't get to use the planned activities.We found it to be too pricey for us.Won't return. didn't ck bathrooms.
Thanks all! The wife got a movie and all kinds of literature that looked good. Glad we found out that it is not so great before going!
Lenny Z
biggrin.gif Check out Papoose Pnd. You will not be unhapppy. Place is very clean, staff is friendly, I havee benn going there since I was little about 20 years ago. The palce has no pool, but the lake is very clean.
We live very close to Point Sebago, and although we don't camp there, we know it's very busy in the summer and BIG $$$$!! Some of the reviews that have been posted have not been very favorable. The owners are packing as many as people into the park as they can...with no room or space between units. They also have a problem with parties, drunks and not very well kept facilities. (Note: This is hearsay...only what I've read & heard from other forums, and people who have been there!!)

I really think you should look around and get suggestions for better places!! Do a search on Thanks!!

wink.gif I wouldn't stay there. Too expensive and the sites are too small.
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