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Full Version: Love Christmas - glad it's over!!!
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Cheryl Fuller
Hi guys. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, filled with family and friends. I took down the tree and all the decorations today and am working on getting my house back to normal. I put it up the day after Thanksgiving so it has been up for over a month and quite frankly, I am sick of looking at it. The boards had been pretty quiet the past few days, due I'm sure, to the holiday so I hope you guys start posting again. Hubby is off all week so we will just hang out and enjoy spending time together.
Cheryl now you can start planning for Christmas 2006. Just kidding Cheryl, We put our tree up friday (the 23rd), and will take it down New Years day. We were out today, the 26th, and the mall was not that busy. Must be everyone received just what they wanted. We had a good Christmas, hope everyone had the same. Now we have the New Year to look forward to ! Enjoy, safe travels.

Cheryl Fuller
Well Butch, you aren't far off with that one. I will start shopping sometime in January. The kids don't give me their list for the "big ticket" requests until around Oct, after much nagging from me, but I pick up stuff all year long when I hit good sales. It makes the amount of stuff under the tree quite massive but I buy most of it at 50 - 75% off all year. I normally avoid the crowds right after the holidays but do have to stock up on wrapping paper. Actually what I am ready to start planning for now is our spring rv trip - we set a record high in Denver here for Christmas Day - 69 degrees...makes it feel like Spring already. The Broncos cinched the AFC West championship on Christmas Eve so that made for a good holiday and I got to watch the game with my family, usually it's just hubby and I.

Christmas day here was in the 40s, but was raining,was still raining this morning, but it is now snowing at 29 degrees--8PM est. Enjoy the time off with your family.
We put ours up about 2 weeks before Christmas and take it down New Year's Day. My kids went shopping today. They said the mall here was very crowded/busy. Hubby and I were going to go out and meet them for dinner, but he got busy working on his "new" jeep (it's a 1988 work vehicle).
Hope "Santa" was good to everyone that deserved it and not too much coal for those that didn't biggrin.gif .

My guys are Steeler fans, I got them tickets for the game on New Years Day.
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