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Big Ben
I've been taking part on this forum for over a year. It really surprises me how little partisapations there is. Basically the is 4 or 5 that do the vast amount of posting.
There is no way of knowing how many different people write reviews. I would hope more than use the forum. unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif
Motorhome Madness
Big Ben,
I can assure you that there are many, many more that submit reviews than post here in the forum smile.gif and that is the case with many forums. There will always be a certain number of people that enjoy posting and the vast majority are "Lurkers" that want to read everything but refuse to get involved in posting, why I don't know sad.gif
Big Ben
Thanks Master.
John Blue

It has been that way for years on everything in life and will go into the future years to come. People like to read but will not write up anything.

It's sorta like the cofeemaker at the office. Everybody wants to drink from it, but only a few take time to make coffee and refill it. And you are correct: It has been going on forever and will likely continue that way.
I also enjoy reading and posting to the forum, and have also been reading the postings longer than I have been posting. In reading the postings, one will observe that there are certain people who take pleasure in looking for a mis-statement or ( in their estimation), an error, and will admonish you for it. It does not bother me, as I just consider the source, but I can understand the reasoning for others not wanting to take the opportunity to voice their opinion(s). One also has to wonder where the over 5,000 members are ? There maybe many reasons why they choose not to become involved.
dog bone
big ben
this is my first post as you can see. i've been a member since dec 2003. i guess i'm one of the lurkers. biggrin.gif i enjoy forum searching, i get a lot of info on all the sites. most of the time when i have a question someone already answered it , somewhere.
i think a lot of the problem, with getting more people posting, is what happened to the guy that asked a simple question about a windshield leak. this site and all the other sites were put here to help with the enjoyment of the camping and rv experience. who cares if is in the wrong location, wrong site, or wrong planet. he or anyone asking for help, should be able to get help or an answer.
i do enjoy this site. webmaster you do a great job. i have used park reviews a few times in the past and i will again.
that is just my opinion. now i will go get my guard, get a strip search and return to my cell. laugh.gif
who cares if is in the wrong location, wrong site, or wrong planet. he or anyone asking for help, should be able to get help or an answer.

Nicely said.
If you don't mind me asking, where was your Avatar picture taken?
Big Ben
Dog Bone, Glad you jumped in and got your feet wet. Hope to hear from you more in 2006
dog bone
as i remember it was taken by ocean city, md. that is assateague island in the background.
It sure looks pretty!
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