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Full Version: Trip to Florida
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We are thinking about going down to Florida in March and would like some advice about the best route and stops along the way. I've heard there are some overnight stopovers (not just Wally World!) and wonder if anyone has information about those.

We would cross the Canada/US border at Port Huron, Michigan (near Detroit) and would stay at the Disney Wilderness Campground, at least for a few nights, it has great reviews on this site. Any feedback on any other campgrounds along the way, or in Florida, would be great. Thanks!
John Blue

What part of FL do you have in mind past Disney campgrounds? It this a short stay, couple weeks or months like over winter? Campgrounds will fill up very soon down here as the snow birds fly back home to spent the winter months.

Fl also has some of the best rest stops of any place in USA. Signs say "no over night stay" but if you keep sides in, pets in, bar-Q grill in, chairs in, you will be OK. Most have the RV's parking out in back and away from trucks.
Thanks for the reply, John.

We'd probably be in Florida for almost two weeks, depending on how long the drive is going to take us. My husband doesn't like pushing it towing the trailer, so we usually go the speed limit (or below if it's uphill)!!!! I'd love to head down to the keys, but might not have the time.

Other info. - We have 2 kids (boys 11 and 13) so I'm always looking for places they will enjoy. We prefer smaller campgrounds over campgrounds where you need a cart and have 1,000 sites.
John Blue

You may wish to stop at Jacksonville, Fl and spent a little time at Flamingo Lake RV Resort, 158 sites on a 17 acre lake with Wal-Mart close by. Very nice sites.

We also use Tropical Palms Fun Resort in Kissimmee on Hwy 192 near Disney World park. Park is a great place for the kids and older people. Park has 594 sites but is not hard to walk around in. Old Town next door, kids would love this place. This park is close to Disney World. Everything you would need is in couple miles from this park.

If you like to be around rivers and water you may wish to try Ortona Lock and Dam near Ft. Myers on Hwy. 80. Also W.P Frankin Lock and Dam is close by on Hwy. 78. The two park are very nice and run by Army CORE of Engs.

Number of other parks we go to are class A only. I also do not think you will have time to travel down to the Keys in two weeks. I would stop at someplace around Lake Okeechobee. Thousands of very nice parks from state line to Lake.

Hope this will help.
Cheryl Fuller
John, you never cease to amaze me. I realize that Florida is your neck of the woods, but is there anywhere that you haven't been? We can always count on you for info.
I agree with John about Tropical Palms Fun Resort. We have stayed there before. It is a very clean park, has some larger sites, and a very nice pool area. I also agree with his opinion on the Keys. Two weeks is just not enough time. I haven't been to the other places he mentioned. I would like to add to his suggestions. Sanibel Island on the Gulf is beautiful.
Thanks for all the help so far - I've looked up the campgrounds suggested and they all look like places we'd love to stay. Now that my husband has agreed to this trip the camping bug has hit and I can't stay off the web looking at this site, and campgrounds in Florida and along the way.

Any suggestions as to stops along I-75 from Michigan to Florida? I'm hoping to do the drive in 3 days (It's almost 1300 miles from our home to Orlando - est. 24 hours with the trailer - sound right, anyone who knows?). Might stop in Jacksonville as John suggested, which will take a couple of hours off the last day.

Cheryl, you mentioned Sanibel Island, do you know of any specific campgrounds? Also, where exactly is Sanibel Island - I didn't see anything under the campground reviews listed under that name.

BTW - what will the temp. be like in early to mid April?

Thanks again, the feedback is much appreciated.
Greg from Mi.
Have a great time!!!!
Hers some Florida info
We live in Michigan and have made 12 trips in our RV to Florida over the years. We like it so much our truck license plate says "RV2FL"
we leave southern Mi at 3:30 PM and drive to 11:00 PM and are in Berea KY. we sleep and are back on the road at 6AM and are at WDW by 7:30PM. we take I75 from Lima Oh. driving about 62 to 65 MPH
At 8 MPG it takes 300 gals. round trip. 1200 there, 1200 back. At 2.29 todayís price thatís $687 round trip.
The kids will love WDW. Ours is older now but me and the Mrs. still love it.
When our kids were small we would go to the park. come back to eat and for them to take a nap then go back. Make sure you set aside one day for the water park ( they have 2 ) we like typhoon best.
If you have any other questions reply to my post. I'll check back
PS I'm new today to this site.
Have a safe and wonderful trip
Greg from Mi.
Sanibel Island is located just south of Fort Myers, about 2 hours south of Tampa.
Here is a link to the website of the campground we stayed at.
We were there in 1997 and at that time, it was very clean and well maintained, but no swimming pool. While it is not directly on the beach, it is just a short walk away. It is on the Gulf, so don't look for waves. It is a great place for snorkling, shell collecting and sunsets over the ocean. I never posted a review because I didnt know about this site in 1997. Now, I can't remember all the information needed for a review: price per night, number of sites, etc.
First let me welcome you to this website, Greg! I'm sure you will find it to be extremely helpful. It also sounds like you will be full of information to share with everyone else. Thanks for the info! The price of gas is rather daunting, however, it's still alot cheaper than flying my family to Florida and we have our own comfortable surroundings to sleep in every night! I've heard that there are some stop overs on the highway where they allow you to pull over for the night - from Kentucky on down - do you know anything about this?

Thanks for the info. Cheryl, Sanibel Island looks like a great alternative to driving all the way down to the Keys. My grandparents used to winter in Fort Myers for many years - never could convince my dad to take me there as a kid! You said there'd be no waves - where would we find them - not that we "surf", but the kids loving jumping the waves and using their wake boards.
John Blue

Foot note on waves. As you move closer to the equator the waves will be less and less. In Hawaii on south side of islands waves are very small. On north side of islands wind blows waves and water up to 50 feet. Here in FL you have some waves on east side and very little on Gulf side. Enjoy your trip down and time in FL.
I remember going to Cocoa Beach as a kid. They had pretty good waves "way back then". Plus it is close to Kennedy Space Center - my boys love that. It is east of Orlando. I don't know about any campgrounds there. Here is another place your boys might like:
I haven't been there yet, but I saw it on the travel channel - looks very interesting. It may be a little too far south for your time frame though. It's near West Palm Beach, north of Miami, about 2 1/2 hours from Orlando.
John Blue

If you wish to be near Kennedy Space Center use The Great Outdoors at Titusville a TL 10/10*/10 park. Space Center is across the Indian river, very short trip. The Great Outdoors is one of our best places to go, very large, high dollar, and great place to visit. It has everything you will ever need.
Thanks, but we're not planning any trips to Florida for a while. I was just giving campinggirl some suggestions on things her boys might enjoy. We spent quite a few vacations down there, now it's time to explore the west. When we do go, however, we have to stay closer to Kissimmee. My mom lives in that area. She has been coming to our place for a couple of weeks the past few summers, so we don't have to feel guilty about going west instead of to see her.
John, The Great Outdoors looks great, however, it really looks like it caters to more long-term guests. Would you recommend it for two boys - 11 and 13? I believe I read that an adult always had to be with children under 16 - with boys on bikes, etc., this could be a problem for us.

Can you recommend any other campgrounds in this area?
John Blue

The Great Outdoors is full of people from now to some time in mid April, them down to 30 to 40%. A lot of people own homes here but live in north most of the time due to heat. We visit in the off times in most cases. We have found kids in park driving golf carts, in pools, and walking around park. I did not know rules on kids were in place. You can rent a site here. Lot of large homes that would cost over a million to a slab site here. Homes are in one part of park and RV sites in different part.

Park has five fishing ponds, couple pools, 18 holes of golf, places to walk (nature trails), bank, full RV service, beauty shop, restaurant, fitness center, and shops. It is a small city on a very large track of land.

I think anyone would like this place. A 10/10*/10 park is hard to find. A new park opened up last year near Titusville north of exit 215 on I-95. We have not been to this park yet. I can not remember the name. We looked at parks around Titusville number years ago and found all to be very poor.
Thanks for the help, John. I think I will change my plans and not go to the "Old Town" area (re your reply to my other post) - although the Suwannee River area looked like a nice place to go - I'm sure the kids wouldn't really appreciate it. The reviews on The Great Outdoors are good and it would be fun to be near Cape Canaveral.

Thanks again for your help! My plans are taking great shape, thanks to feedback from the posts, and the reviews posted!
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