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Full Version: Cleaning up Campground Forum
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I've just been going through the pages and pages of campground discussions. Would it not be easier to have a separate 'topic' for each state and province and people could then post their discussions under the state where the campground is located. That way instead of going through 13 pages (or so) of posts to look at the discussions, they would only have to click on the state/province. Just a thought...... That's the way I've set up my Yahoo photos and it works great!

Hi Sandra,
Welcome to the forum. I don't know if what you suggest is feasible for the webmaster or not. But a quick way to find posts on a specific state or any other topic is to use the search feature on the top right side of the page.
Sandra welcome to the forum. Are you looking for reviews by states/provinces, or are you looking for discusions on campgrounds ? As not everyone posts discussions about visited campgrounds, a great number do post reviews via state/province,city,and cg name. Hope you find what you are looking for
Cheryl Fuller
Hi Sandra, just wanted to echo the welcome sentiments. As others have said, in the review section, things are divided in state. Just click on the state you are interested in on the map. You will find we talk about anything and everything here and I just love it, for the most part. Again, welcome.
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