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Full Version: Well, I thought it was funny...
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Cheryl Fuller
I came across this quote and it made me laugh - mainly because I know some people who would fit into this category!!! Just had to share...

"Some people are like slinkies......not really good for anything.....but bring a smile to your face.....when you push them down a flight of stairs."
Cheryl Fuller shame on you !

Good grief, when you think about it, you're right !
Cheryl Fuller
Yeah Butch, I guess I am showing my "dark side". I was laughing when I read it and my husband asked me what was so funny. When I told him, he said it was mean. Guess I just have a warped sense of humor.
I thought it was funny also. I visit the dark side once in a while. wink.gif
I think that is funny. I certainly know or have met a few people that that would apply to. Thanks for the joke! LOL
Cheryl Fuller
Obviously, I enjoy some dark humor, but then my whole family is that way (not hubby, but my mother was and my kids have some of that black humor in them). When I first came across the quote, it made me think of my ex-boss, who I did see trip on the stairs one day and if truth be told, I would have rather seen her fall a lot farther than she did!!! Okay, I know that isn't nice but you have to understand that this is a woman who lived her life to torment and degrade people and was very good at it!!! And yes Butch, I can just hear you saying "Good grief Cheryl Fuller, what has gotten into you". LOL
That is funny, Cheryl! A bit warped - but I can relate to warped.

My mother could relate to that - picture this (about 33 years ago) - my older brother, who was about 18 at the time, was recuperating from hernia surgery - his room was in the basement of our house. He had made himself about five open face peanut butter sandwhiches, and had a very large glass (plastic thank goodness) of chocolate milk. As he was very cautiously walking down the wooden/painted stairs, balancing his glass and plate, he slipped and fell down about 5 or 6 steps and landed on the concrete floor in the basement. My dad's dog was tied to the railing - he promptly started gobbling up the sandwiches, and licking the milk off the floor. Mom came running to the top of the stairs to see what had happened - once she arrived and saw my brother and the food sprawled all over the floor, she immediately broke into laughter. Being an 8 year old little sister, I found the incident rather humorous as well. My brother returned to his room angry, in a bit more pain, a bit embarrassed - AND still hungry! It's one of those moments that is talked about whenever the family is together.

My mom really isn't a sadistic person, but seeing people in situations like this never fails to set her off in a fit of laughter! If they're really hurt - it's a different matter.

Unfortunately, "like mother, like daughter". Sorry for the long story, but Cheryl's, slinky analogy brought it to mind. (Not that I'd like to push my brother down the stairs - very often (LOL)). (Now Butch is probably thinking "Shame on you, Campinggirl") wink.gif

Thanks for the laugh!
Cheryl Fuller
Campingirl - you guys will still be telling that story when your brother is 75 yrs. old and then you will think of them as "the good ole' days". I am not nearly as warped as most of my side of the family. My father died when I was 18 - now mind you, he was horrible man who beat my mom and I every day and was also a drug addict. The whole family gathered at our home after the funeral as there was lots of food. My mother's side of the family hated him because they had seen the bruises and broken bones that my mother and I sported all the time. Of course, they were there along with my dad's side of the family, who were of the mind that he had never beaten a woman until he married my mom so it must be her fault. In comes my cousin Linda, who was a cake decorator - she had this huge chocolate cake with a coffin and headstone on it. Yes, now I realize how tacky it was but at the time, we saw a lot of humor in it. My dad's side of the family did not think it was funny and yes, I am sure they were offended, but to us, with his death came a sense of freedom. We still talk about that cake when we have a family get together.
Cheryl Fuller & Campinggirl1964,

Good Grief !!

Sure had a good laugh, your humor is the best, dark or what ever. Life is not kind at times, but humor, laughter and a positive outlook makes the "times" bearable
As your vacation times are just around the corner, (bet you can't wait) a wish for happy days and safe travels be yours.
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