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smile.gif smile.gif Hello Ever one;

I have just join this site, and want to say hello to all of you. Maybe i can held someone some day. Carolyn and i have been Rving for 21 Short years. So i have pick-up a few things alone the way that mite help someone. We are leaving here the 4 Jan 06 heading for Quartzsite,Az. be gone and couple of months. Be back when Spring arrives.

Allen Gayken
Welcome. Glad you're here.... Where is "leaving from here"?

We are leaving from Mississippi. Man i have got to get out of this House and on the road again. Been her ever since the latter part of Oct, Getting ready for the Holidays. I'M sure Glad they are over with another year. Free at last, Free at last.

UnjustSam and Sweet thing

The more the merrier. A wish for safe travels for you & yours. And may your vacation be all that you wish it to be. Enjoy.
Welcome and be safe on your trip
Cheryl Fuller
Sam, Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find lots of valuable info here and I look forward to your input. Blackhawk, I was just thinking the other day that we had not heard from you in a while...hope everything is okay with you and yours.
dog bone
let me welcome you also. i'm new here too. although i have been hanging around for awhile.

cheryl fuller
i notice your horse and i was wondering if you have ever been to maryland to see the ponies on the beach. they let them run wild there. once a year they swim the herd acrossed the bay and auction them off. it raises money for the local fire departments and thins the herd out.

when we stayed on assateage is, we met people from our own town that bought two of them.
Cheryl Fuller
Dog Bone, I have never been there but sounds like something I would really love to see. I have never heard of it and was wondering if you could tell me where I could get more info, such as what beach and what time of year. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
dog bone
the auction is held the last wednesday and thursday of july. it is just the virginia herd.

there is a state campround and a national campground on the maryland side. the state has some hook ups. no dogs are allowed
the national have two areas. one one the ocean side and the other is on the bay side. dry camping. they do allow generators on some loops on the bay side.

you are camped on the ocean and on the bay. ocean side you walk over the dunes. the ponies run wild thru out the parks. they can be annoying at times.

bring repellent, cause the bugs run around as wild as the ponies.

do a search on assateague is. this will help you more than i can.
John Blue
Sam & Dog Bone,

Welcome to the group and have fun. Sam, with 21 years under your belt you could be a big help to all. Were you born on the road in an RV rig? Have fun in the big sand pile (Quartzsite).
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