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Full Version: Royal Coachman RV resort Encore Superpark Sarasota
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Just returned from the Royal Coachman RV Resort also known as Encore Superpark Sarasota South.

$52.00 per night. Campsites so small and close you can hear the neighbors breathe, grass sites,no cement patios, so many trees as to be next to impossible to manuever a large motor home,narrow streets, untrimmed trees that brush your coach both from the side and top, poor attitude with regards to the staff. Talked with a few winter residents that stated they collect their money up front so you can't leave as they don't refund($4,000 for the 4 month season). They don't put any money back into the park just are milking the situation. Makes the old saying Pigs get fat, and hogs get slaughtered a very realistic possibility. Definitely not recommended.
I hope you will write up your findings in the RV Park Reviews section. I checked on Sarasota and could find no new comments.
John Blue
We spent one night in this park years ago before (RV Park Reviews) and we would never go back. The site would work on pop up's or very small units. We come close to damage on back of Motorhome due to a pine tree and low tree limbs. The roads inside park are four foot wide, you can not turn wheels to get into a site due to trees and other RV units out in the small road. We come very close that day to driving off and saying to hell with this place. Before Encore this park was poor and Encore has made no changes yet! This place is a dud. We see this same thing at other Encore parks also.
Although we have not stayed there, we did drive through to check it out while at Sarasota. Like said, itís very tight, low limbs, and not impressive at allÖ or at least to me it wasnít impressive.

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